Apple headset will probably be a disappointment for consumers

In 2022, hotly anticipated new technology from Apple could be presented. A headset for virtual and augmented reality is supposed to be it. But according to a well-informed source, the new product is not at all suitable for the masses.

An AR/VR headset from Apple with which you can immerse yourself in digital worlds. That’s certainly what many are hoping for when they first hear about the possible new hardware release from Cupertino. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is working at full speed on just such a virtual world with the “Metaverse” anyway. Apple could be just the right company to deliver the coolest technology for access. This is now contradicted by information from the renowned US news portal Bloomberg. Their tech expert Mark Gurman destroys the anticipation of the Apple fan community.

Apple doesn’t want to get into the “metaverse”

Gurman commented on the topic in his popular newsletter “Power On”. Accordingly, he was told by a source at Apple that the company has no interest in becoming part of the metaverse. Gurman writes in addition:

“There is one word that would shock me when Apple introduces its headset: Metaverse. I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world that users can escape into – as in Meta Platforms/Facebook’s vision of the future – is off-limits to Apple.”

But if Apple really wants to introduce the new technology as early as this year, that’s actually only plausible. Because what Zuckerberg’s Metaverse will ultimately look like is not yet known – especially not outside of Facebook’s parent company Meta. According to initial presentations, the company wants to create the successor to the Internet in which people interact with each other in virtual spaces – an ambitious goal. It is not really possible to publish suitable hardware for this at the moment. But what are customers supposed to do with the possible Apple headset? According to Gurman, nothing!

Apple headset first for developers and professionals

The vision of cool Apple glasses becoming an integral part of our everyday lives will probably remain only a vision in 2022. Because the AR/VR headset from Apple is not to fulfill that. According to Gurman, the headset will not be an everyday device, but will only be used for short interludes for communication, watching content and gaming. Presumed prices around 3000 Euros per Apple headset already indicate that it could rather be aimed at developers or programmers. The expensive high-tech design with inward-facing eye tracking and three screens also speaks for this. In the best case, however, this provides the basis for future AR glasses for the consumer market.