Apple makes a fortune because iPhone customers have to do without two things

According to Apple, the decision to deliver iPhones without a power supply has environmental reasons. That may be, but the company also saves a lot of money!

Apple had announced in October 2020, at the presentation of the iPhone 12 series, that neither the wired Earpods, nor the 5-watt power supply would be included in the scope of delivery. Among smartphone buyers, the innovation caused uproar and a lot of anger. The company was accused of profiteering. However, Apple did not cite profit as the official reason, but environmental protection. According to them, almost everyone already has a power adapter at home anyway.

Apple’s profit increases by 6 billion euros

Nevertheless, Apple could profit considerably by omitting the accessories in the scope of delivery. According to the market researchers from CSS Insights, Apple saved a whole 6 billion Euros since October 2020 by the change. Not only the flagship models iPhone 12/13 (Pro), but also Mini and SE no longer come with headphones and the power adapter since then. Furthermore, nothing changed in Apple’s pricing policy despite the discontinuation. Newly introduced iPhones have been and will continue to be slightly more expensive than their predecessors. However, the savings don’t just come because Apple is saving on hardware.

Savings also in packaging and transport

In addition to the lower hardware costs, the reduced expenses for packaging and transport are also significant. The iPhone boxes are now smaller. That means less cardboard and, above all, more iPhones per pallet. In the transport trade, you logically pay by volume. That means per pallet or, on a larger scale, per shipping container. With around 190 million iPhones sold since October 2020, this reduces costs immensely.

On top of that, there are sales that you might not think of at first. Because not everyone already owns a power adapter or headphones, as Apple claims. Apple has sold an estimated additional 270 million euros worth of accessories since the changeover.

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Conclusion: Win-win situation for Apple

In the end, Apple earns high profits and does something for its own environmental balance sheet. Customers may be displeased about the elimination in connection with Apple’s balance sheet growth. But one should not forget that the economical use of resources concerns us all.


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