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Apple plans AirPods Pro 2 in completely new design

Apple launched two new AirPods models in 2021: the AirPods Max and the AirPods 3, but the Pro model is still waiting for a successor. 2022 is probably finally the time!

Already at the end of 2020, “Bloomberg” published a report that Apple could be working on 2nd generation AirPods Pro. Since then, the rumors about the new design and features of the headphones have intensified. atechbook summarizes all the information.

When can we expect to see the AirPods Pro 2?

So far, nothing is officially known about the release date of Apple’s AirPods Pro 2. In the meantime, however, the rumors about a release in the fall of 2022 are growing. Among others, the industry expert and in the past well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicts a launch in the second half of the year:

According to the analyst, Apple did not do itself any favors by offering both the AirPods 2 and 3 models at the same time. Accordingly, demand would now fall well short of expectations. Apple might then react to the AirPods Pro 2 and no longer offer the predecessor at the same time. In general, a presentation together with the new iPhone in September 2022 is conceivable.

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New chip for even more functions

If Bloomberg’s report has its way, the AirPods Pro will get a new chipset. So far, the AirPods Pro use the H1 processor, which Apple launched in 2019. The H1 supports Bluetooth 5.0, so a newer version could come with the latest Bluetooth standard 5.2, making it even more power efficient.

The chip is also said to enable fitness tracking directly via the headphones for the first time in an AirPods model. Improved motion sensors are supposed to be installed, which can recognize and accurately track workouts. Sports headphones with integrated heart rate monitors are already available, for example from Bose and Jabra.

Both Bloomberg and the aforementioned Ming-Chi Kuo name Luxshare Precision Industry as the manufacturer of the new headphones.

Will the 2nd generation AirPods Pro get a new design?

According to Bloomberg, the AirPods Pro 2 could come without the stem, until now a distinguishing feature of Apple earphones. Since their introduction in 2016, the wireless Earbuds have featured this quirky design to stand out from the crowd. Since then, however, many manufacturers have copied the stem design. In the AirPods Pro, however, the stems even have their own function. If you squeeze them between two fingers, the active noise-canceling (ANC) turns on or off.

Although Apple might do away with this feature in the second generation, the AirPods Pro are said to still come with ANC. Without the stems, however, the design would be more along the lines of the Beats Studio Buds unveiled in 2021, which also come from Apple. According to Bloomberg, however, the company has problems fitting the hardware into the smaller case. Therefore, changes in the design are still possible.

According to Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman, the AirPods Pro 2 also seem to finally come with a lossless playback feature. This could significantly improve the audio quality. Incidentally, in the same report, Gurman mentions the possibility of the AirPods Max launching in new color options. So far, the over-ear headphones are available in five different color versions. However, it is not known if there are such plans for the AirPods Pro 2 as well.

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How reliable are the predictions about the AirPods Pro 2?

Earlier reports by Bloomberg reporters Gurman and Debby Wu about new AirPods models turned out to be mostly accurate. For example, the predictions about the AirPods 3 were accurate in almost all respects. The same applies to the AirPods Max, where Bloomberg was correct – except for the name.


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