Apple Watch 8 to get long-awaited feature

The Apple Watch 8 is expected to be launched in a few months. Which design will come? How big will the smartwatch be? Which functions will be included? In the following, you will find all the important rumors surrounding the wearable.

Many Apple fans are already eagerly waiting for the tech giant’s new smartwatch. A release date is not yet known, but a forecast can be made based on the previous publications. Apple will probably present the Watch 8 in September 2022 at the earliest. The predecessor models were already released in the same month.

This is what the Apple Watch 8 is supposed to look like

Now, there is also the question of what the design of the Apple Watch 8 will be like. As always, the company is keeping a low profile when it comes to leaks, but according to the rumor mill, there will be no major visual changes compared to the Series 7 model. Presumably, Apple will adjust the display sizes slightly. These could turn out larger than the predecessor model. It was also rumored that the new smartwatch will get two slots on the side. These could be a microphone and a speaker, respectively. A new color is also not only conceivable, but almost certain based on the previous releases. However, it has to be said that all of this is not concretized and Apple can also completely surprise the followers.

At the same time, the tech company is planning to launch three models, according to Apple insider Mark Gurman (via ” Bloomberg “). These are said to be the Series 8 model, a new SE-2 model and a wearable for extreme athletes. The future SE model is supposed to be based on the previous “low-budget” model and serve as a kind of entry-level model. The latter smartwatch could be named “Explorer” or “Adventure”. A high ATM classification (water resistance) is also said to be planned. The standard is usually 5 ATM. In addition, a water sensor is rumored.

Long awaited feature to come

There are supposed to be bigger changes on the topic of functions of the next-gen smartwatch. The hottest rumor at the moment is a thermometer function. Apple could install a new sensor in the smartwatch that can measure the body temperature. This was reported by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

This will also expand the health features of the Apple Watch. The data is then known to be viewable via the Health app. Newer and better sports features could also be planned, including activity recording in the running function.

In addition, more features are to be made possible via infrared light. This is made clear by a document from a supplier. According to this, Apple Watch users will be able to measure blood sugar levels, blood pressure and also alcohol levels in the future.

Further health functions in planning

According to the ” Wall Street Journal “, Apple plans to integrate new sleep tracking functions into the Apple Watch 8. Here, the focus is not only on recording, but also on health aspects, such as the detection of sleep patterns or sleep apnea. This could also be accompanied by an improvement of the battery, since a longer and, above all, better runtime will be necessary for the tracking.

Last but not least, the operating system of the Apple Watch is traditionally updated as well. Apple will probably deliver its future flagship smartwatch with WatchOS 9. It is also pretty certain that the Series 7 device and the first SE model will be compatible with WatchOS 9. Slightly older models are also conceivable, except for the Apple Watch 3, which is expected to gradually disappear from the lineup.

How much will the Apple Watch 8 cost?

Most users probably know that Apple Watches are no bargains. Apart from the SE models, the previous models also cost over 400 Euros. Due to the probably future software upgrades of the Apple Watch 8, the price will probably also be in a similar range. A conceivable release price is roughly between 400 and 450 Euros.


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