Apple Watch at Aldi – offer of tomorrow already today in the check

Discounter Aldi always has refurbished Apple products on offer for little money. Recently, however, the company has been dropping the brand name from its brochures.

In the online store of Aldi Süd, you can find a “Renewed Watch Series 3” for 169 Euros starting April 28, 2020. At first, it sounds like a clone of the Apple Watch for significantly less money. Only when you take a second look do you notice the small print: “Renewed Apple Watch”. What is that all about?

Aldi sells Apple Watch as “Renewed

The fact that Aldi offers refurbished goods is nothing new. The discounter works together with the Dutch company Renewd, which refurbishes used products with new hardware. In addition to the Apple Watch, there is also an iPhone 8 on offer that has been completely refurbished by Renewd.

Aldi has taken the product name directly from the provider. The iPhone and Apple Watch are actually listed as “Renewd iPhone” and “Renewd Watch” on the provider’s website. The fact that these are refurbished Apple products can only be seen in the description.

This may not be a problem with an iPhone, as this name is practically synonymous with the Apple company. But with the Apple Watch, which loses any reference by omitting the brand, it seems a bit strange. After all, “Renewed Watch” could also be a Samsung Galaxy Watch or a “Watch” from any other manufacturer.

Aldi Süd has confirmed on atechbook demand that it is a “retread Apple Watch”. The items are said to “undergo the strictest inspections and contain 100 percent original parts.” In addition, Renewd offers a 2-year warranty on the Apple Watch, which even exceeds the manufacturer’s warranty of Apple itself.

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Is the Apple Watch worth it for 169 euros?

The price of 169 euros seems quite cheap for an Apple Watch. However, it is the oldest model that Apple still offers and also comes without LTE and only in the 38 mm size. Moreover, the product at Aldi is refurbished, but still used and can thus show traces of previous ownership. The model is available for as little as 199 Euros when new.

Earlier this year, Aldi already had the same offer online.

Aldi deliberately opts for new name

It is particularly noticeable that Aldi has probably only recently started to drop the brand name. In the past, Apple products could still be found with the designation “refurbished” in brochures. For example, in the case of the iPhone 8, which even now still has an entry on Aldi Süd’s site as “Apple Generalüberholtes iPhone 8”. But in December 2021, Aldi Nord had a “Renewed Watch Series 3″ on offer for the first time.”

The switch to the new product label may stem from Aldi changing its supplier for refurbished Apple products. In response to an atechbook inquiry, Aldi Süd confirmed that it sells the items in cooperation with Renewd. According to the report, the discounter is “deliberately offering the Apple Watch under the Renewd label in order to draw attention to the supplier’s special offer.” In contrast, the mobile provider Aldi Talk, which is operated by Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd in cooperation with Medion, shows that things can be different. On its site, the Apple Watch from Renewd can be found as “Apple Watch Series 3 Renewd 38 mm”.


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