Apps and in-app purchases cheaper in Apple’s App Store

In the past few years, Apple has raised the prices in its App Store every now and then. Now there are adjustments again, but this time in favor of users. Many apps and in-app purchases will become cheaper.

According to Apple, the reason for the price reduction in the App Store is the good exchange rate between the euro and the US dollar. If such developments occur, the company has to update the prices in the App Store and/or adjust the revenues in the regions concerned. That is exactly what is currently happening in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the euro zone, which includes Germany.

According to Apple, the new pricing structure will automatically come into effect in the coming days. Not affected by the App Store price changes, however, are existing subscriptions, which will automatically renew. App developers, however, would still be free to adjust the prices for subscriptions as well as all other apps and in-app purchases in the App Store.

This is how the prices in the App Store are changing

The price savings from the customization in the Apple App Store are sometimes significant. In percentage terms, it ranges from 9 to a good 11 percent, depending on the app. Calculated in euros and cents, the new prices in the App Store are noticeable as follows:

With inexpensive apps, you usually only save a few cents. For example, apps that users had to pay 1.09 Euros for before the change now only cost 99 cents – that’s a savings of 10 cents or 9 percent. For more expensive apps, however, the savings are higher. For example, while apps used to cost 4.49 euros, they are now available for just 3.99 euros after the price adjustment. Apple users therefore save around 11 percent. The more expensive the apps become, the more the difference between the old and new price becomes noticeable. Apps that used to cost 27.99 euros are now available for 24.99 euros, a whopping 3 euros cheaper. At the highest level (tier), the savings are even 100 euros – from 1099.99 euros to 999.99 euros.

And this is how the updated price list looks in detail (click to enlarge):

Price list for the Apple App Store
Updated price list for the Apple App Store, as of August 2021. Photo: Apple

The website equinux still has Apple’s former price list listed. Based on the so-called “tier”, users and developers can understand how the prices in the App Store have changed in detail.

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The redesign of Apple App Store pricing is in favor of users for the first time in years. So if users want to download a slightly more expensive app from the App Store in the near future, they should wait until Apple adjusts the prices there. That should not take too much longer.