Become master of the building blocks with the Lego app

Scan, select, tinker: Two software developers want to put an end to the brick graveyard in children’s rooms. With the “Brickit” app, stray Lego bricks are to find a new use.

In many children’s rooms, but also in some hobby corners of big Lego fans, boxes full of colorful building blocks are piled up. But exactly which building sets are hidden inside is often no longer clear. Instructions have been misplaced and ideas for what to build with all the bricks are lacking. The Lego app “Brickit” is designed to help.

Brickit scans Lego bricks and gives building instructions

With the help of artificial intelligence, the app recognizes individual bricks in the Lego pile, according to its developers. Brickit” then suggests one or more Lego models that can be built from the available bricks. The software provides the user with original instructions. However, the developers explicitly point out that “Brickit” is a fan project that is not licensed by the toy company.

It’s easy to use. Once downloaded, the app accesses the camera of the device used. A picture of the spread-out Lego bricks is all it takes, and the artificial intelligence in “Brickit” begins to identify the bricks. A few seconds later, the app spits out the result and – if possible – suggests suitable Lego models along with building instructions. The more bricks, the more possibilities.

Here you can build Lego masterpieces online.

Only for iOS devices so far

The image recognition works with impressive accuracy. Brickit” can even recognize Lego bricks that have been put together or tilted. However, the app has a hard time with curved parts. It is also not very accurate when it comes to colors. It can happen that users have to use bricks of a different color than intended in the instructions. It can also happen that individual particles are missing.

A practical feature is that “Brickit” shows where the Lego components needed for the selected model are located in the photo. A small drawback: So far, the app, which is available for free, is only available for iOS. However, the developers have announced an Android version for fall 2021.