Beware of alleged emails from the BKA because of child pornography

Criminals pepper their spam mails with ever new ideas. This is intended to attract the attention of recipients. Currently, fake e-mails are circulating that claim to come from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

The Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) is currently reporting a huge increase in cases of child pornography. Fraudsters are now also taking advantage of this situation. They are currently sending out an increasing number of spam mails purporting to come from the BKA. In them, the recipients are accused of a crime. They are said to have accessed child pornographic material and legal proceedings have already been initiated. However, anyone who has received such an e-mail should not react to it under any circumstances and should exercise caution.

Do not react to alleged e-mails from the BKA!

The BKA itself clarifies that this type of mail does not originate from the agency. The authors impersonate the director of the Federal Criminal Police Office under the abbreviation “Holzer.BKA”. In order to avoid the severe penalties for the alleged offense, the senders ask the recipients in the mails to take a stand on the accusation via a mail address ending with “”.

“Do not comply with the requests in the mail under any circumstances and do not reply,” advises the BKA. Recipients should also not open any PDF documents or links contained in the mail. Malware contained in them could infect the end device.

The alleged mails from the BKA are quite easy to recognize. They all end with the extension “”. Also, the email address often includes additions such as “police.”

Anyone who receives such mails should instead report the matter to the relevant police station. The Federal Criminal Police Office also advises to be particularly careful with personal data.

With material from dpa