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Beware of lousy scam with carpooling services

Riding together saves fuel and money. But anyone looking for rides online should not fall for fake drivers and bogus payment platforms, or it could get expensive after all. BlaBlaCar, among others, is affected.

Fraudsters are currently trying to rip off customers of the ride-sharing app BlaBlaCar with fake profiles and links to fake payment sites. The target is the credit card data of the users. That’s why you should take a closer look before every trip or booking.

Online scammers lure customers to BlaBlaCar with fake pages

They don’t have a ride to offer – but a well-disguised phishing page. Anyone who books a ride with the scammers via the platform then receives a link via Messenger service that leads to a fraudulent payment platform. Here, a small amount is to be paid in advance to an alleged “BlaBlaCar commission”. Since the website looks as if it belongs to BlaBlaCar, the fraud is not immediately recognizable for many users, according to “Watchlist Internet”.

The Internet address of the fraudulent website also resembles the real one. It is assumed that the scammers want to use this to obtain credit card data, for example to pressure the victims into releasing payments.

How to protect yourself

If you want to protect yourself, you should be careful, especially with new providers on the platform. Particularly if there are only a few ratings, but at the same time a lot of rides are offered – often several times a day there and back, special attention is required. And above all: never click on links sent by supposed drivers. Instead, users who want to pay for their ride should always go directly to the app or platform or pay in cash in the car when leaving.

If you are affected, contact the police immediately and contact BlaBlaCar. It is also advisable to block your credit card so that the online scammers can’t do much with the data.


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