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Bill Gates reveals which Android smartphone he uses

It is known that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates uses an Android smartphone. After not wanting to reveal which one for a long time, he has now revealed the model on Reddit.

In a 2021 interview with New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin on the audio chat platform Clubhouse, Bill Gates already revealed quite a bit about his personal smartphone tastes. Now he revealed in a Reddit post exactly which phone he now uses. Surprisingly, it’s not one from Microsoft.

Bill Gates does not use a Microsoft smartphone

Gates has already shared exciting information in the past as part of the Reddit format “Ask me anything”. In a recent post, it is now said that he uses an “Android Galaxy ZFold 3”. Of course, he is referring to a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, for whatever reason he does not mention the manufacturer’s name. The Microsoft founder is particularly fond of the foldable display. However, he doesn’t say why he doesn’t opt for the foldable cell phone from his own company – the Microsoft Surface Duo 2. It is certainly not because of the high price of around 1800 or 1600 Euros (RRP).

Mainly Android – but also a bit of iPhone

Bill Gates has made no secret in the past that he privately uses an Android smartphone in everyday life. By way of explanation, he said:

“Some of the Android manufacturers install Microsoft software out of the box, which makes it easy for me. They’re more flexible in the way the software is integrated with the operating system, so I’ve gotten used to it.”

Which Android smartphone Bill Gates actually uses now, he would not reveal at the time. However, according to his statements, there was a lot of speculation, including a Galaxy smartphone from Samsung, since the Microsoft apps mentioned are preinstalled there. However, Microsoft’s own Surface Duo with Android was of course even higher on the list – it also comes with the apps.

As the third richest person in the world, Gates naturally also has an iPhone up his sleeve, which he plays around with again and again. After all, he has to keep up to date with Apple’s new technologies and functions. Many of his acquaintances also have iPhones.

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Microsoft’s own smartphone operating system was a flop

Some will remember Windows Mobile and later Windows Phone. The smartphone operating system never really caught on and at its best reached just 3.6 percent market share. The OS struggled with software bugs and a lack of support from app developers. In 2015, Microsoft finally stamped out Windows Mobile.

At a conference hosted by investment firm Village Global, Bill Gates called the failure of smartphones with Windows Mobile the “biggest mistake” he had ever made. According to Gates, the market only had room for one other mobile operating system besides iOS – and Google had snatched it up with Android.

Microsoft itself relies on Android

Since discontinuing Windows Mobile, Microsoft has focused its mobile division on developing apps for iOS and Android. The software giant not only offers its Office suite as apps, but also has its browser, translator and SwiftKey keyboard in the program. In addition, Android smartphones can be integrated with the Windows operating system with the “Your Phone Companion” app.

With the Microsoft Duo, the company also launched its first own smartphone with Android in 2020. The special features of the device are the two screens and the folding mechanism that turns it from a smartphone into a tablet with a flick of the wrist. The duo has received a lot of positive criticism for the new approach and the excellent folding mechanism. However, the outdated hardware and problems with the software, as well as the high price of more than 1500 Euros make it unsuitable for the mass market. However, those who want a Microsoft smartphone cannot get past the Duo.


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