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Burn hazard! Apparently more Fitbit models affected

Fitbit warns against the continued use of its fitness watch “Ionic”. Overheating of the battery could lead to burns. Now, other models of the manufacturer could be affected.

Google-owned manufacturer Fitbit, known for its sports wristbands and fitness trackers, recalled nearly 1.7 million smartwatches of the “Ionic” model worldwide in March. Fitbit said it had received reports that injuries had occurred due to the battery overheating. Owners of the Ionic advised Fitbit, therefore, to stop using the watch and also to stop wearing it.

Update 05 May 2022: There are now also isolated reports about products from the Fitbit Versa and Fitbit Sense lines. Whether the battery is also to blame is not yet confirmed, but likely. Two women in the US have now filed a lawsuit.

Fitbit Ionic recall – customers to get a refund

According to the U.S. Consumer Protection CPSC, the majority of the recall is in the U.S. market, with around one million smartwatches. According to the agency, there have been 118 reports of burn injuries from overheated batteries – including second- and third-degree burns – worldwide. Fitbit has therefore decided to voluntarily recall the devices, stressing that other Fitbit smartwatches or trackers are not affected by the problem.

In Germany, the Fitbit Ionic has been on the market since 2017. Here, however, it was sold in smaller numbers. In 2020, however, Fitbit stopped the production of the smartwatch. It has not been available in German stores for some time now.

The company is currently informing its customers about the recall on a specially set-up website and offering affected customers a refund as well as a special discount on selected Fitbit devices, bands and services. For this, customers have to register on a separate page .

Update 05 May 2022: Apparently, not all those affected who have applied for the refund have received it so far. A class action lawsuit is now being sought in this regard

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