Buy iPhone 13? Different opinions in the editorial team

Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 on Tuesday at 7pm. In the atechbook editorial team, opinions about the new smartphone differ in advance. One side is pleased, while the other can hardly get excited about it. A pro and con.

For years, I’ve been on two tracks, sometimes using an iPhone, sometimes an Android smartphone, depending on my mood and requirements. Last year, I was still toying with the idea of switching completely from Android to iPhone. The iPhone 12 could have convinced me with the corresponding features. In the end, however, the device fell short of my expectations.

Now, a year later, Apple could deliver things I missed in the iPhone 12 with the iPhone 13. But it looks like the company is again planning to bring only the bare minimum of innovations. In our extensive article on the iPhone 13, which summarizes all the leaks and insider rumors, it is again mainly about subtleties. For example, a smaller notch, a bigger and improved camera (not in all models) and stronger MagSafe magnets. Things like a new Apple chip, more memory, and a bigger battery I think are beside the point because they are simply part of the package for a new smartphone.

What else will Apple show at the September event besides the new iPhone?

Hardly any major changes to be expected

It’s considered almost certain that the iPhone 13 will continue to charge via Lightning (not USB-C) and won’t get a Touch ID sensor under the screen. The only innovation that I already wished for in the iPhone 12 and that could now come in the successor is a ProMotion display with a 120 hertz refresh rate.

So I wonder how someone like me is still supposed to get excited about the new iPhone. Apple is so frugal with innovations that I don’t have the arguments to leave the Android world behind completely. I’m a proponent of thinking outside the box and seeing what other devices offer. Android smartphones are a true playground for innovation. There are now devices with third-generation foldable displays, super-fast 165 Hertz screens, cameras with gyroscope stabilization and astrophotography mode. There are even cameras that are completely hidden under the display.

Apple should do more to inspire us

Of course, there is always criticism from the iPhone world that such functions are often not mature enough to make it into an iPhone. According to leaks, Apple has probably already been working on putting Touch ID under the display, but could not produce a finished solution for the iPhone 13 fast enough. Last year, Apple could have already enabled 120 hertz in the iPhone 12 display. However, the power consumption would have been too high, which is why it would have decided in favor of 5G.

There is some truth to these arguments. Nevertheless, I think that a company like Apple, which has significantly more resources at its disposal than any Android manufacturer, should simply do more. iPhone buyers should also no longer be fobbed off with one or two headline features – in the iPhone 12 it was 5G and in the iPhone 13 it will probably be 120 Hertz, larger camera or smaller notch. You should expect more for the money that new iPhone costs. Because I’m pretty sure Apple could offer more if it saw a reason to.

Pro: Editorial director Andreas Filbig (35)

I have been using Apple products for years mainly – because also professionally – and can hardly wait until the iPhone 13 comes on the market. Unfortunately, however, partly for the completely wrong reasons – and I am mainly to blame for that myself.

I am satisfied with iPhones…

I am not at all interested in the eternal discussion about whether Apple has too few innovations. For me, iPhones do what they are supposed to do, and they do it well. They run smoothly, take nice photos even without 100 megapixels and are compatible with my other systems. Until then, all still very subjective and personal things. All in all, I’m happy with my iPhone. I have Android devices and their functions constantly in view through my job and am also envious at one point or another. However, I know just as well that other iPhone users don’t bother with Android and thus don’t miss anything. All great, you might think, but it’s not.

… but should choose and care for them better.

I am nevertheless eagerly anticipating the new Apple flagship iPhone 13 in a funny way. And that’s because my current iPhone 11 just isn’t enough for me anymore. I have only myself to blame for the two main reasons. Because yes, 64 GB of storage was already borderline too little two years ago. The 2TB iCloud storage for 9.99 Euros per month doesn’t help anymore. Local photo copies take up a lot of storage space, even in low quality, and WhatsApp files, Office applications and other apps for personal and professional use regularly push the iPhone to the storage limit. But that is not all. I admit that I have also dropped the iPhone a few times in the past two years. It’s not pretty, and the microphone and speaker don’t work properly anymore. These two reasons alone justify the absolute desire for a new device. But that is not all.

Even small development steps are important to me

Even though Apple misses the big innovations, there are consistent advancements. In fact, I am not as satisfied with the photo quality of my iPhone 11 as I used to be. The same applies to the design. This became clear to me with the introduction of the 12 series. Since I refuse to buy a new device every year, I’ve been thinking about the iPhone 13 ever since. However, it often remains with these small things. I don’t need folding displays or other bells and whistles – I expect mature iPhones that simply work, without big experiments.

So I can say with confidence that I will probably switch to the Apple iPhone 13. This time with more memory, one and a little more caution when using it. Because cases are out of the question for iPhone purists.