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Cancellation of online contracts to become much easier from July 1

Contracts can be concluded on the Internet at the click of a mouse. From July 1, it will be just as easy to terminate a contract. A corresponding button will then make it possible.

Whether it’s a cell phone or Internet contract, or a subscription to a streaming service, a contract can be quickly signed on the Internet with just one click. However, providers have often made it difficult for users to cancel their contracts. This is now set to change with the cancellation button. As of July, canceling a contract using the button will be just as simple as making an online purchase. “Cancel contracts here,” for example, must be written on the easily recognizable button.

According to the North Rhine-Westphalia Consumer Center, all so-called paid continuing obligations are affected. These include, for example, subscriptions to magazines or streaming services, cell phone contracts or gym memberships. From July, the new button will be mandatory for all providers who also offer a contract conclusion online.

Two cancellation clicks are enough

Consumers can use the cancellation button even if they have already concluded their contract to be cancelled before July 1, 2022, and possibly by means other than online.

Anyone who clicks on the cancellation button will be redirected to a confirmation page. Here you can enter specific details, such as the exact contract or the date on which you want to terminate the contract. The cancellation is sent at the end by clicking on another button, for example with the inscription “Cancel now”.

Receipt is confirmed

These buttons must be permanently available and easily accessible, so you don’t have to log on to a website first. The respective company receives the cancellation directly in this way and must also immediately confirm receipt. As a rule, this is done via an automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail.

However, anyone who wants to can still cancel by mail or e-mail. In general, of course, the respective notice periods must be observed. If no exact date is specified in the notice of termination, the next possible date automatically applies.

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Consequences of not having a cancellation button

If a company does not set up the mandatory button on its site, consumers even have the right to cancel a contract there at any time and with immediate effect. In this case, they do not have to observe a cancellation period.

However, they must prove the missing button themselves, for example by making a screenshot, explains Iwona Husemann from the consumer center NRW. In addition, it may happen that the cancellation button is not accessible at short notice for technical reasons.

Important to know: Certain contracts are excluded from the cancellation button. According to the law, written notice of termination is required, for example, for rental or employment contracts and for contracts for financial services.