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Cheap e-bike at the discounter – for whom is the offer worthwhile?

Anyone looking for an e-bike will find one at Aldi from July 25. atechbook checks out the electric bike from the discounter and reveals for whom the purchase is worthwhile.

Sales of e-bikes in Germany have risen steadily in recent years. In 2020 and 2021, around two million bicycles with electric drives will be sold over the counter. Discount retailer Aldi also wants a piece of the pie. From July 25, the online store will therefore be offering an e-bike for the city in a very special look.

E-bike for 1299 euros at Aldi comes in retro style

The “Prophete” brand e-bike comes in a look described by Aldi as “retro style”. This is noticeable, for example, in the light brown tires and the oldschool saddle. The turquoise frame as well as pedals and mudguards also fit the bill. Overall, a very eye-catching, but quite coherent look. Not for people with a penchant for understatement. There is a plus point for the inconspicuous battery on the pannier rack. At first glance, this makes the bike impossible to identify as an e-bike.

E-bike Aldi
The battery of the e-bike Photo: Prohete/Aldi

The retro bike from Aldi is a women’s bike. With a frame height of 50 cm, it is perfectly suited for people with a height of 1.60 m to 1.70 m. The tires are 28 inches. The tires in 28 inch fit to it.

E-bike Aldi
Photo: Prohete/Aldi

Good distance, but high weight

With e-bikes, the distance plays an important role. Because this indicates how far you can get with the bike with a battery charge maximum. The manufacturer specifies 130 kilometers here. That is a very decent value for a city e-bike. However, as with all bikes, the specified distance of Aldi’s e-bike also depends on how you ride it. Under real-life conditions, you can certainly subtract a few more kilometers. Nevertheless, it is great for use in the city.

Unfortunately, the weight is less super! The Aldi e-bike weighs a hefty 27 kilograms including the battery. atechbook editor Andreas Filbig once tested an e-bike weighing 18 kilograms. Carrying it up the stairs in elevator-poor Berlin required a good level of physical fitness. A 27-kilogram bike with the target group of 1.65-meter-tall women is therefore likely to be a challenge – both up and down the stairs.

Technical data at a glance


  • High-quality aluminum retro frame
  • Frame height: approx. 50 cm
  • Color: polar sky matt-light blue
  • Blaupunkt LED
  • 7-speed Shimano Nexus hub gears with twist shifter
  • Prophete steel fork in frame color
  • Brakes: Promax aluminum V-brakes (front wheel), coaster brakes (rear wheel)
  • Aluminum stem
  • Leatherette grips in cream
  • Urban saddle in cream with rivets
  • Prophete patent seat post
  • Aluminum hollow chamber rims
  • Ursus side stand
  • 3 years warranty (except wear parts defined in the bike passport)
  • 10 years frame warranty
  • 2 years battery warranty
  • On-site service
  • The bikes are delivered 98% pre-assembled and are ready to ride in just a few steps (screw on the pedals and turn the handlebars straight).
  • Permissible total weight: 140 kg


  • Blaupunkt front wheel motor, brushless
  • 36 V
  • Power: 250 W
  • 40 Nm
  • Support up to 25 km/h


  • Carrier battery with lithium-ion
  • 36 V/13.8 Ah
  • Approx. 500 charging cycles
  • Capacity: 497 Wh
  • Max range: 130 km (depending on riding style)
  • Push assistance up to 6 km/h


  • Retro LED headlight, 20 lux
  • AXA LED taillight


  • Kenda balloon tires in cream color
  • With reflective stripes


  • Approx. 27 kg incl. battery

Scope of delivery:

  • Retro e-bike Prophete 28 inch
  • Battery charger
  • Bell
  • Plastic mudguards in frame color
  • Tubular rack with integrated battery
  • Bike passport with user manual
  • Warranty card incl. service hotline information

Conclusion: Price-performance ratio is right

Comparing e-bikes is not always easy. This is because, for example, the test winners from our comparison article usually cost around 3500 euros. Those who can’t afford that or don’t want to, should of course still be able to enjoy an e-bike. Aldi starts here with a price of 1299 euros. Still a lot of money.

Our big e-bike buying guide: the best e-bikes for everyday cyclists

In some areas, such as battery performance and gear shifting, Aldi’s e-bike can even keep up with the expensive competition. However, differences are noticeable in the brakes, for example. Here, the expensive bikes rely on disc brakes. A possible weak point could also be the durability. However, only long-term tests can say that. However, the point should be kept in mind.

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We would recommend the Aldi e-bike to anyone who has enough space for it at home. Especially in big cities, such a conspicuous bike could attract thieves. In addition, we recommend it more for smaller trips to the supermarket or to friends, despite the decent range. Limit yourself best to the city or village. For more, you should at least reach for a trekking e-bike.