Clubhouse app now usable without invitation

The audio app Clubhouse was very popular during the pandemic. But it was only possible to become a member by invitation. In the meantime, the hype has subsided. That’s why the service is now opening up to everyone.

“Does anyone else have an invitation for me?” This sentence could be read in many social media channels at the beginning of the year. The reason: postings about the Clubhouse app swept the Internet like wildfire. An invitation for Clubhouse is now not necessary. The talk app opens up to everyone after more than a year.

Clubhouse is an app where you can listen to live conversations and also actively participate in discussions. During the pandemic, hype developed around the application, which market researchers estimate has subsided. Clubhouse countered by lifting membership restrictions, saying it had added ten million users since launching the Android version in May 2021. Before that, the app was only available on Apple’s iPhones.

Facebook and Twitter launched their talk apps in recent months with very similar concepts. Clubhouse is convinced that it can hold its own against the overwhelming competition.

What is Clubhouse?

The app is not completely new, but really took off in Germany at the beginning of 2021 – in the second major lockdown. The idea is to talk about one or more topics in different rooms. The discussions are led by so-called moderators. Anyone who opens a room or is “promoted” to the speaker’s stage by a moderator can be a moderator.

The rooms at Clubhouse are always temporary, just like the conversations. That means they disappear as soon as the founder decides it’s over for the moment. The rooms are public and users of Clubhouse are invited to join, listen in and even speak up after a short message. One format that has proven successful is a moderator talking with one or more guests.

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With material from dpa