Comeback of the “brick”! Nokia brings back the 6310

After about 20 years, Nokia brings back the 6310. The cell phone with the nickname Brick wants to get back into the phone market with a few more features.

The Nokia 6310 is back. The technology of the cell phone classic from the early 2000s has been somewhat modernized by brand owner HMD Global – although the new edition has certainly not become a smartphone as a result. This is not least due to the pure connectivity via GSM 900/1800.

Small price, few features

However, according to the manufacturer, the Nokia 6310 offers a “week-long” battery life, a 2.8-inch screen and larger keys for 59.90 Euros. Nokia also adds new and enlarged menus as well as larger font options.

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The phone with its polycarbonate casing can also do multimedia – at least from a retro point of view. An integrated FM radio or the MP3 player can provide entertainment just like the game “Snake”. The Nokia 6310 also has a camera, but with a modest 0.3 megapixel resolution. A slot for a microSD card with up to 32 gigabytes is available. The internal memory is 8 megabytes small.

Outdated technology of the Nokia 6310 can cause problems

Nokia estimates the 6310’s battery life in standby mode at up to around 22 days and the pure talk time at up to over 19 hours. The battery with 1150 milliampere hours capacity is removable. The retro phone is available in black and dark green, among other colors.

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Because it cannot handle modern wireless connections via LTE according to the spec sheet, the Nokia 6310 is not an unqualified recommendation for travelers. Switzerland, for example, has already started to decommission the GSM network in 2020, and many networks are also out of service in the US. Other countries are likely to follow. In Germany, there is no definite date for shutting down the GSM network so far.