Compare fuel prices easily online or via app

If you don’t feel like visiting your local gas station, you can compare fuel prices online. There are now various apps and websites for this purpose. atechbook provides an overview of the best providers.

Hardly any other topic has shown greater potential for conflict in recent decades than fuel prices. This is probably due, on the one hand, to the fact that it affects many people and, on the other, to the fact that enormous fluctuations have been observed for quite some time. According to the German Automobile Association (ADAC), 2012 was the most expensive year to date: 159.8 cents per liter for Super E10 and 147.8 cents per liter for diesel. Drivers can currently only dream of these figures. 2022 is set to become the most expensive year for fuel to date. While it was previously common practice to check where it was particularly cheap before filling up and wait if necessary, this is now necessary for many. Checking fuel prices online or using an app saves a lot of work – and ultimately money.

The best fuel apps

Refueling can quickly become really expensive. An app can be worthwhile, especially for frequent drivers who need to keep a constant eye on prices. Within a radius of just a few kilometers, gasoline prices can vary significantly. Gas station operators are required by law to report their current prices to the relevant central office, the Market Transparency Office for Fuel (MTS-K). The MTS-K then makes the data available to the apps in real time.

One of the most popular and recommended apps is “clever-tanken” for Android and iOS . Anyone who grants access to their own location can view all gas stations in the application along with current prices. The search radius is limited to a maximum of 25 kilometers, but in most cases that is completely sufficient. In addition, “Clever tanken” also offers several statistical displays for price developments. The app is free of charge, but users have to reckon with repeated advertisements.

The ADAC app, on the other hand, is ad-free and also available for Android and iOS. Users can also define an itinerary for longer trips in order to display all gas stations along the way. The filter functions are a bit tricky, but still clearly laid out.

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These are just two fuel apps you can use to check gas prices. In principle, the apps all work similarly and differ in detail primarily in their presentation. An app is especially worthwhile if you drive a lot and often want to compare gas prices on the go, even spontaneously.

Checking fuel prices online

Most apps, such as “clever-tanken”, can also be used regularly via your browser. So if you don’t want to install an app and don’t have a problem with the browser search, you can of course also check fuel prices online. Recommended here are, among others, ” ” or ” TankenTanken! “. Compared to the apps, most websites offer somewhat fewer functions, especially in the area of statistical evaluations. However, they display the price just as reliably.

The German Federal Cartel Office lists 50 service providers that obtain price information in real time from the MTS-K. But be careful: There is no price guarantee! If necessary, the price of gasoline can change at very short notice after you have checked it online or via app.


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