CovPass app – you shouldn’t actually show your vaccination status

Wherever 2G Plus applies, non-boosters need an additional test. You can find proof of this in the CovPass app under “Show certificates”. But according to the app, you are not supposed to show it at all. atechbook explains the big mistake of the CovPass app.

When entering a restaurant, the cinema, and currently almost all recreational facilities, one must provide proof of vaccination. With the CovPass app on the smartphone, this is a QR code that is scanned by the respective facility. The name, date of birth and information on whether the certificate is valid then appear in the scanner. However, it does not show which and how many vaccinations the guest has received. For that, you have to display the certificates. But the app itself expressly warns against this!

Yellow box in CovPass app causes confusion

Folgenden großen Warnhinweis finden Nutzer der CovPass-App direkt über ihren Impfzertifikaten. Trotzdem überliest man ihn aufgrund der unklaren Überschrift “Scan please!” gerne.

Scan please
This warning causes confusion Photo: atechbook

Perhaps you also know the situation. You show the QR code and the nice gentleman or lady at the entrance says to you “I need to see the certificates”. As mentioned above, calling the certificates in facilities with 2G Plus is necessary to determine who needs to show a daily updated Coronatest and who does not. But wait. After all, the yellow warning window explicitly states that one should not show this very “sensitive data” “in restaurants, at events or in similar situations.” A classic dilemma, then? Either you don’t get access to the facility – or you have to reveal sensitive data.

Federal ministry has no solution

Das zuständige Bundesministerium für Gesundheit (BMG) ist sich des Problems offenbar bewusst. An einer Lösung wird aber nicht gearbeitet, wie es “ ” gegenüber bestätigt: “Die Daten sind lediglich lokal auf dem Gerät der Überprüften gespeichert und werden gegen das hinterlegte Regelwerk des RKI geprüft. Eine entsprechende Funktion zur Einsicht in detaillierte Impfdaten in der CovPass-Check-App ist nicht vorgesehen und vor allem datenschutzrechtlich kritisch zu betrachten.” Was also tun?

What atechbook advises

Anyone who is reluctant to show the status of their vaccinations cannot insist on being granted entry. In addition, the discussions cause further delays at the entrances. There are already currently often long queues to be observed.

atechbook advises to show the vaccination status. The exact certificate usually does not have to be opened. It is sufficient for operators to see how many vaccinations the guest has already received and when. The BMG considers the insight beyond that to be “critical in terms of data protection,” but there really isn’t much to be gleaned from the data stored there. The operator also does not note or scan them.

Suddenly unvaccinated! When the digital vaccination certificate is gone

In principle, however, it is also possible to generate and show a PDF document as proof of booster vaccination. A solution, however, that cannot actually be in the spirit of the ministry, since all PDF or paper proofs are extremely susceptible to falsification.


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