Current iPad 8 at Aldi – how good is the offer?

Es kommt nicht häufig vor, dass es aktuelle Apple-Hardware in die Regale des Lebensmittel-Discounters Aldi schafft. Doch bei Aldi South gibt es ab Donnerstag das aktuelle iPad 8 von 2020. atechbook das Angebot geprüft.

Verkauft wird das iPad 8 über den Online-Shop von Aldi South. Hier startet das Angebot am Donnerstag, den 26. August, ab 8 Uhr. Der Discounter schreibt auf seiner Webseite explizit, dass das Tablet nur solange der Vorrat reicht verfügbar ist. Das deutet auf ein gutes Angebot hin, das schnell vergriffen sein könnte, oder?

What does the iPad 8 offer at Aldi?

Those who want to purchase the iPad 8 at Aldi will pay 329 euros. There are no shipping costs. The tablet is the 8th generation iPad, which Apple introduced in the fall of 2020. Thus, the model is quite up-to-date, and there is no successor yet. The iPad offered by Aldi comes with Wi-Fi and 32 GB of internal storage. It is only available in the Space Gray color in Aldi’s online store.

iPad 8
The iPad 8 is only available in the classic iPad colors. Photo: dpa picture alliance

The iPad 8 runs with Apple’s A12 Bionic with Neural Engine and has a display diagonal of 10.2 inches. Apple relies on the Retina display technology. Those who want to can operate the tablet with a 1st generation Apple Pen or connect a separate keyboard or the Apple Smart Keyboard (seen in the cover picture) – also thanks to iPadOS 14. The device has a jack for headphones and is charged via the Lightning port – cable and power adapter are included. It also supports WLAN ac, Bluetooth 4.2 and can be unlocked via Touch ID, i.e. the fingerprint. An 8-megapixel main camera and a front-facing camera with 1.2 megapixels are also on board.

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How good is the Aldi offer really?

In September 2020, the iPad 8 was launched for an MSRP of 369.40 Euros. At that time, the VAT was still lowered due to the Corona measure in Germany. Apple hardware is usually very price-stable, and real discounts are rare. Thus, it is not surprising that the price of the iPad has hardly dropped since then.

Aldi South verkauft das iPad 8 wie erwähnt für 329 Euro. Das ist ein sehr guter, aber nicht der aktuell beste Preis auf dem Markt. Ein Preisvergleich auf zeigt nämlich ein Angebot von Ebay, das mit knapp 315 Euro günstiger ist. Eigentlich kostet das iPad 8 hier 349 Euro, durch einen 10-Prozent-Gutschein lässt sich der Preis aber bis zum 1. September um 34,90 Euro auf dann nur noch 314,10 Euro reduzieren.

Other retailers such as klarmobil and Gravis offer the tablet at slightly more expensive prices. Here, the iPad 8 costs from 330 euros, but shipping costs are added in each case.

Is it worth buying the iPad 8 at Aldi?

The overall answer to this question is yes. In the price comparison, Aldi does really well compared to other retailers. Although the tablet is cheaper on Ebay due to the 10% discount, not all potential buyers might want to buy there via an unknown middleman. It is also not known how many iPads are on offer there at all. However, they will have to pay almost 15 Euros more – but still save a few Euros compared to the regular “street price”.


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