Currently the most popular smartphone manufacturer in Europe

The smartphone sales figures from the second quarter of 2021 show an unusual frontrunner among manufacturers for Europe.

The European smartphone market was in the hands of Samsung for a long time. The devices from the South Koreans were able to earn top rankings and thus helped the manufacturer to the top position. In addition to the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy A series was and still is a sales driver. However, as the market research company Strategy Analytics now reports, the balance of power on the European market has shifted. A company that was unexpected for many is now the most popular smartphone manufacturer in Europe.

Most popular smartphone manufacturer comes from the Far East

And who knocked Samsung off its European throne in the second quarter of 2021 (April, May and June)? According to Strategy Analytics, the manufacturer Xiaomi managed to do so. The Chinese brought 12.7 million smartphones to customers. The company thus secured a market share of 25.3 percent in Europe. Every fourth smartphone sold in Q2 therefore comes from Xiaomi. An increase of 67.1 percent compared to the previous year.

The recipe for success is obvious. The manufacturer’s Redmi series is among the best in the low price range. In the mid-range and flagship class, the Xiaomi series convince in tests. Thus, they occupy a role that Huawei once did. After exclusion from all google services, Xiaomi rose and conquered the European market.

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Samsung only in second place

The sales figures of Samsung smartphones in Europe of 12 million units do not look bad at first glance. After all, that is still a 24 percent market share, too. However, not only is it no longer the most popular smartphone manufacturer in Europe, it also shrank by seven percent. And it was the only company in the top 5.

Positions three to five

In third place among the most popular smartphone manufacturers in Europe is Apple. The iPhone group sold 9.6 million smartphones and reported growth of 15.7 percent compared to the first Corona year. Its market share of just under 20 percent in Europe is a full six percentage points above the global figure for the same period.

Oppo with 2.8 million devices sold and Realme with 1.9 million smartphones sold follow at a clear distance. The latter was able to increase its sales by 1800 percent.

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