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DHL changes pick-up procedure at Packstation

Packstations are practical, as you can have parcels delivered directly to them if you are not at home yourself. However, DHL is now changing the collection procedure.

DHL once introduced Packstations to relieve the pressure on its own shipping structure and offer customers an additional delivery method. Those who are not at home can have their parcels delivered there and conveniently pick them up when it suits them. According to Statista, one in five Germans has already used DHL’s Packstations. Previously, a customer card and a four-digit pickup code were required for pickup. But now DHL has changed the pickup procedure at the Packstation.

Collection only with “Post & DHL” app and QR code

Back in March 2022, DHL announced that customers would have to download the “Post & DHL” app onto their smartphone with immediate effect in order to continue picking up parcels from Packstations. Those who already have the app should update it accordingly. Now the shipping service provider informs about another innovation by e-mail. In the future, a scannable code will be required to pick up packages, which DHL will provide via the app. The four-digit pickup code that customers previously received via the app or by email will then no longer exist.

DHL Packstation Email
Current notification from DHL Photo: atechbook

All available shipments will be listed in the “Post & DHL” app. Customers can find the QR code required for collection by clicking on the relevant delivery in the “Packstation” area. As mentioned, they no longer need the customer card. According to DHL, the adjustments to Packstation are intended to make picking up packages even easier and more convenient. DHL lists three reasons for the switch from the customer card to the smartphone app:

  • Faster to the parcel – just scan the pickup code.
  • One app for everything – all information can be found in the app, not just about Packstations
  • No more need for a customer card

Customers without a smartphone are left out in the cold

So at first glance, everything is getting better, you might think. But as we all know, people are creatures of habit, which is why the forced switch to an app is bound to annoy some customers. Especially since you still have to register there, of course. Customers without a smartphone will be left out in the cold.

Because as a spokeswoman for DHL confirms to atechbook, the customer cards will lose their function: “It is our goal that in the future all customers will use the Post & DHL app to pick up shipments addressed directly to the Packstation. We have therefore been informing our customers since September 2021 in various communication waves about the changeover to the app and its advantages – for example, that it makes receiving shipments even more convenient and also more secure. As part of this, we will gradually switch off the old process. However, there will still be a transitional period for all customers who have not yet switched to using the app. Newly registered customers will use the new procedure directly.”

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How customers use the “Post & DHL” app for Packstations.

The following steps are necessary to use the “Post & DHL” app on your Android or Apple smartphone:

  1. Install app or update via the AppStore/PlayStore.
  2. Activate smartphone in the app. In the “Post & DHL” app, tap the Activate button in the Packstation area.
  3. Scan pickup code. Find your shipments in the “Post & DHL” app in the Packstation section. Then tap the Packstation you are standing in front of and your pickup code will be displayed. On the Packstation screen, select the Pickup menu item and scan your pickup code. Then you can directly open the tray with your shipment


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