DHL package tracking via WhatsApp possible

Innovation at DHL. The parcel service provider is now also available to its customers on WhatsApp for questions. atechbook explains how this works and what is now possible with it.

In June 2020, DHL introduced the chatbot Marie. Marie is a “virtual service advisor” who is “happy to help” customers. Marie can be reached via the browser of the computer or smartphone. Customers can then ask the artificial intelligence questions about packages. Now DHL has linked the chatbot Marie to the messenger WhatsApp. This enables DHL parcel tracking via WhatsApp.

Enable DHL package tracking for WhatsApp

To use the chatbot Marie via Messenger, you only need WhatsApp. You can then contact or write to the DHL chatbot via Messenger by dialing 0228/76363719. A simple “hello” is enough to get started, or you can ask a specific question directly. The artificial intelligence won’t interpret this as rudeness on your part.

What can the chatbot Marie do on WhatsApp?

Basically, the chatbot on WhatsApp offers the same functions as in the browser version. That should not be surprising, because the same artificial intelligence is behind it. In this respect, you can interact with Marie via WhatsApp in the same way as via the browser chat. First and foremost, many people will be interested in DHL parcel tracking via WhatsApp. The simple question “Where is my package?” sets the process in motion.

Also interesting: DHL parcel carriers will soon no longer have to ring everyone’s doorbell.

Users complain about problems

Marie’s artificial intelligence continues to develop over time. In many places, however, the developers have to adjust manually. For example, under the announcement of DHL on Twitter Complaints about the function of the chatbot. Occasionally, not even the DHL package tracking via WhatsApp worked. DHL then fixes these problems manually. But it’s not just errors that come in as feedback. The community is also concerned about one question:

Is the chatbot Marie coming for other messengers?

DHL parcel tracking via WhatsApp is a nice thing. At least when it works and especially when you use the messenger. Under the DHL Twitter post, the question about the availability on other messengers like Signal, Telegram or iMessage piled up. DHL responded below with similar-sounding statements. Accordingly, they are starting on the most popular messenger and are waiting for the response there. Whether Marie will also be available on other messengers is still open.