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Dictate texts easily in Microsoft Word

There are many writing programs, but the most widely used is Microsoft Word. It is quite practical and easy to use. But if you have to write a longer text, then it can also become exhausting. Fortunately, Microsoft Word also allows you to dictate. We’ll show you how this works on a PC or smartphone.

Many people will be familiar with this: You have Microsoft Word open and have to write a long text. This can not only be annoying, but also take up a lot of time. The dictation function of the writing program can help here. In fact, this works relatively easily on both the PC and the smartphone. Below you will find the explanations for the respective operating systems.


If you are using Microsoft Word on a Windows PC, then to use the dictation function, you first need to go to the “Start” tab. In the menu bar, there is a microphone icon which is called “Dictate”. The important thing here is that the microphone is on. Once you have clicked on the icon, a small window pops up. You click on the icon and start speaking. However, the option is reserved for Microsoft 365 subscribers.


Those who use a device with the macOS operating system can also benefit from Microsoft Word’s dictation function. Here, too, the use is simple and intuitive. Open the writing program, go to the “Start” tab and click on the microphone icon. The rest is identical to Windows. Again, only Microsoft 365 subscribers can use the feature.


On an Android device, you can also dictate on Microsoft Word and don’t even necessarily need a subscription. First, go to the Word app and open a new document by tapping the plus icon in the upper right corner. Now a microphone icon will appear in the middle. Tap on it and allow Word to record audio. When the microphone icon lights up blue, Word is recording what is being said. To pause it, tap the icon. Repeat for continued recording.


It’s almost identical on iOS devices. You first have to open a blank document in the Word app. After that, a microphone icon will appear in the center here as well. If you are asked: Grant the app audio recording. The process is then identical. If the icon is blue, the app is recording. If you want to stop or continue the recording, simply tap on the microphone. An Office subscription is not necessary here either.

Dictating punctuation correctly in Microsoft Word

If you want to dictate something in Microsoft Word, you don’t necessarily have to type in the punctuation marks manually on your PC or laptop. There are specific voice commands for this, according to Microsoft:

Voice command Punctuation mark
comma ,
period or end of sentence .
Opening or closing quotation mark (alternatively beginning or end of quotation) ” … ”
semicolon or semicolon ;
Exclamation mark or call sign !
Question mark ?
New line or line break For a new line
Colon or colon :

Nevertheless, there is a small shortcoming in the dictation function of Microsoft Word. It is not possible to delete what has been spoken by voice command. For this, you have to use the delete key on the PC and smartphone. For this reason, too, it is probably not necessarily suitable for very long texts, but rather for notes, short texts, etc.


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