Did you know that Apple also offers apps for Android smartphones?

Apple and Google are known to be software competitors. However, while Google offers almost all popular apps like Gmail, Drive, Maps and YouTube for iPhone and iPad, Android users are mostly left empty-handed. Neither Apple Maps nor Safari or iOS Mail can be found in the Play Store – but there are exceptions!

In fact, for a long time Apple didn’t offer any apps at all in the Google Play Store for Android users – if you exclude Move to an iPhone. That’s no longer the case, as the company now has an app offering here as well. What that includes is summarized by atechbook.

Apple Music

Looking for an alternative to Spotify and Amazon Music? Apparently, Apple believes it can also tap users on Android with its music streaming service. One of the few apps Apple offers in the Play Store is Apple Music. Unlike on the iPhone, however, it does not give you access to your own songs stored on the smartphone – unless you still use iTunes. Instead, you can only use the app with a subscription. The individual license is available for 9.99 Euros per month. The cheaper Voice subscription, which Apple now offers, is unfortunately not available here. The reason is simple, because you would need access to the voice assistant Siri.

Apple Music Android smartphone
In terms of content, the Apple Music app for Android is no different from its iOS counterpart Photo: atechbook

We logged in with an Apple ID to take a closer look at the app. In fact, we could not notice any major differences to the iOS version at first glance. However, the Android version has two advantages. First, you can cast directly from the app to play music via Chromecast-enabled devices. Second, users can access the settings directly from the app – and do not have to take the detour via the Settings app as in iOS.

Despite this, the app is not particularly well rated, averaging 3.4 out of 5 stars. After all, it has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Users criticize that the app often loads slowly or not at all and sometimes simply crashes. However, it is still the best-rated of the few apps that Apple offers for Android.

Move to iOS

The “Move to iOS” app has long been the only app Apple made available for Android. That too for the sole reason of helping to move to an iPhone. ” Move to iOS” kann Kontakte, SMS, Fotos und Videos, Mail-Konten und Kalender von Android direkt auf iOS übertragen. Das soll in der Theorie den Umstieg erleichtern, führt in der Praxis aber oft zu Frustration. Gerade einmal 2,2 Sterne hat die App, bei mehr als 50 Millionen Downloads. Nutzer berichten über Probleme, überhaupt eine Verbindung zwischen altem Android-Smartphone und neuem iPhone herzustellen. Klappt das, dauert die Übertragung oft mehrere Stunden, bricht ab und muss neu gestartet werden. Alles in allem kein guter Anfang beim Wechsel von Android zu iPhone.

Tracker Detect

The latest app that Apple offers for Android smartphones basically has only one function: to recognize AirTags. Apple has received a lot of criticism for the fact that the small trackers only work with iPhones. “Tracker Detect” aims to solve that by now allowing Android users to detect AirTags as well. However, the app only offers active scanning, which means you have to start the scan manually. We tried to find our own AirTag with the app. However, as long as it was near our iPhone, Tracker Detect did not show it.

Tracker Detect app for Apple's AirTags on Android smartphone.
“Tracker Detect” only detects AirTags if you actively search for them. Photo: atechbook

Those who hoped that the app would automatically warn them when someone misuses an AirTag for stalking or other malicious purposes will unfortunately be disappointed. The reviews are correspondingly bad. There are only 2.5 stars, with 50,000 downloads.


While Apple’s AirPods require an iPhone or iPad to apply updates or use things like Spatial Audio, the company is more generous with its Beats headphones. Android users are allowed to do everything with the Beats app that they can’t with AirPods: View charge status, update, turn ANC on and off, and change settings. The rating of 3.2 stars is still okay. The app has about one million downloads.

Apple TV

The app for Apple TV is only available on smart TVs with Android TV operating systems. The app is not compatible with smartphones. Like the Apple Music app, it is designed to access a streaming subscription from Apple. A smart TV with Android TV version 8.0 or later is required. The app previously had a 2.2-star rating with one million downloads. However, Apple has released a new version in the meantime, which you have to download separately from the Play Store. This one even has only 1.7 stars.