Do not attach iPhone to the motorcycle

Apple is quite detailed in warning about things that can be dangerous to its products. The latest entry adds motorized two-wheelers to the list.

A new document has appeared on Apple’s support page warning against attaching iPhones to motorcycles.

Filigree components in iPhone camera

There are many moving parts in a smartphone camera. Not only the autofocus, but also the optical image stabilization (OIS) are among them. OIS compensates for user movements with opposing movements to produce a sharp image. An elaborate system of coils and magnets align the lens according to the information they receive from the position sensor. OIS is found in the iPhone 6 Plus and newer. Ultra-wide-angle, telephoto, as well as selfie cameras are excluded.

iPhone models starting with the Xs also have a so-called “closed-loop” autofocus. Acceleration sensors detect gravity effects and vibrations, while magnetic field sensors determine the position of the lens. The autofocus can compensate accordingly and maintain focus.

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Too much vibration can limit camera

According to the support document, these camera systems can suffer permanent damage under certain circumstances. Especially strong vibrations can limit the performance and reduce the image quality of videos and photos. Apple writes in the document, “Exposing your iPhone to vibrations of high amplitude and within a certain frequency range, especially those generated by high-powered motors in motorcycles, can degrade camera system performance.”

Strong vibrations, which can lead to impairment, emanate above all from powerful motorcycle engines. The engine vibrations are also transmitted to the frame and the handlebar. Therefore, Apple advises against attaching iPhones to such motorcycles.

For mopeds and scooters, Apple recommends mounting iPhones in a mount that dampens vibrations. This is possible with a gimbal, for example. Nevertheless, users should rarely attach their iPhones to their mopeds or scooters and only for short periods of time to minimize the risk of damage.


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