Do not charge your smartphone at night in bed!

Many charge their smartphone next to them in bed. But that can quickly become dangerous for smartphone and owner!

Before going to bed, you type away on your smartphone and then simply lay it next to you in bed. It is precisely this behavior that harbors dangers – and not just because of the radiation. Because anyone who connects their smartphone to the charging cable in bed risks more than just a technical defect. “No device should be charged under such circumstances because a heat buildup can occur. This can lead to critical conditions and even a fire,” Jürgen Ripperger from the Association for Electrical Engineering (VDE) tells atechbook.

Overheating harms smartphones

Only those who use their cell phones properly will have something from the device for a long time. “The operation of my phone can be affected by large temperature differences such as overheating. This can damage the product and lead to premature aging,” explains Ripperger. Specifically, the performance of the battery can suffer, he said, shortening its lifespan and allowing only limited use. Cell phone user manuals tell you how to use your smartphone properly.

“Many phones detect the temperature rise and shut down prematurely. However, this means that the full charging power is not achieved,” says Ripperger. If customers persistently fail to handle the device the way the manufacturer says they should, they risk the phone not working as it should. “A string of errors can become dangerous,” explains Jürgen Ripperger.

Police warn against smartphone in bed

In recent years, the New York Police Department has also repeatedly warned of the dangers of users charging their smartphones in bed. Especially if the smartphone is placed under a pillow or the bedspread, the increased heat can have dire consequences. The pictures of burnt and scorched cell phones in bed should enlighten all users. Police warned on the news service Twitter that the phones can even explode in the process, causing serious injury to the sleeper.

“It must always be clarified exactly what the causes were,” comments Jürgen Ripperger. It can be assumed, he says, that the cell phone was not handled properly overall in such cases. But errors by the manufacturer can also be the cause in individual cases.

Want to see an iPhone from the inside? atechbook has tried to build one:

The smartphone as a sleeping partner

According to a study by the University of Koblenz-Landau, every fourth teenager has a cell phone under their pillow. However, the smartphone is not suitable as a sleeping partner because it can cause health problems such as sleep disorders. Even before sleeping, reaching for the cell phone should be taboo. As American researchers found out, the quality of sleep decreases if you look at your cell phone before sleeping. And let’s be honest: At least we can declare our bed a cell phone-free zone.