Do you know the handy click-to-chat function on WhatsApp?

In the vast majority of cases, contact is made via WhatsApp by exchanging numbers. But there is a more practical alternative.

A handy feature called Click-to-Chat connects you to a specific WhatsApp contact with just one click. atechbook shows how you can use the feature.

What is click-to-chat?

The click-to-chat function of WhatsApp uses so-called “Short URLs”. These are short Internet addresses that refer to the actual link when clicked. Click-to-Chat is intended to make it easier for small businesses to communicate with customers via WhatsApp . The advantage of the URLs is that you can get in touch with another person without having to have their number saved among your contacts. Any WhatsApp user can create a Short URL with their number and everyone who has the link can start a chat through it immediately. Click-to-chat works both on the smartphone and in WhatsApp Web.

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Creating a link to a chat is as simple as can be. All you need to do is add your own phone number to the following URL:

It is important to enter the country code, but omit any “0” and characters like “+”, “/”, “-“, “()”, as well as spaces. With a German phone number, a click-to-chat link looks something like this:

But not only that is possible. If you want, you can even include a message directly in the link. For this, it is enough to put a question mark (“?”) after the phone number, followed by the phrase “text=”: -Nummer?text=

You can then attach your messages to this link with individual words separated by “%”. For example, if you want to write “Hi, how are you?”, the link must look like this: -Nummer?text=hi%wie%geht’s

The click-to-chat function is only intended for individual WhatsApp contacts. However, there is a similar feature for entire groups, for which you don’t even have to set up a link yourself. Each group has its own link, but it is only visible to administrators. You can find the link in the group info under the option Invite to group with link. There you can either click directly on the link and choose what you want to share it with. Or choose one of the other options, such as copy link and send link via WhatsApp . You also have the option to create a QR code that you can share as well. If you no longer want others to join groups via the link or QR code, you can always reset it via New Link.