Earn Bitcoin while surfing – are crypto browsers worthwhile?

Earn a little money on the side while surfing the Internet? This is what crypto-browsers promise, which entice with rewards in the form of digital currency.

Whether privately or professionally – spending a lot of time on the Internet is virtually part of everyday life. So why not turn this unused time into money? This is exactly what the browsers “Brave” and “Fulldive” promise and pay for Internet surfing with cryptocurrencies. So, should users switch to one of the two crypto browsers and what can they really earn? We tried it out.

Advertising in the browser in exchange for cryptocurrency

To say it right away: There is no money completely without consideration, even with Brave and Fulldive. Instead, users have to watch advertisements on a regular basis. In Brave, up to ten ads per hour appear on the Android smartphone in the form of notifications. As a reward, users collect their own cryptocurrency, the so-called “Basic Attention Token” or BAT for short. The tokens are saved up and paid out to the browser’s crypto wallet once a month. This works equally well in the desktop version of the browser. Although both n and tokens rolled in regularly in our test, the earnings were limited. Over several months, we collected around 20 US dollars in BAT.

Payout not possible in Germany

However, in order to be able to use the collected cryptocurrency in “real life,” it must be exchanged for euros, for example. For reasons of money laundering prevention, this cannot be done anonymously in the browser. It can only be done via external wallets or crypto exchanges, for which you have to identify yourself. Brave offers two integrated service providers for this purpose: Uphold and Gemini. The problem is that both providers are currently not available in Germany. So you are sitting on the collected Basic Attention Tokens and cannot transfer them to an exchange. Thus, they are currently worthless for users in Germany. By the way, if you uninstall the browser, you also delete the tokens at the same time, unless they are transferred to an external wallet.

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Fulldive browser on Android

The “Fulldive Browser” seems to be much more interesting than Brave. It is currently not available as a desktop version, but only on smartphones. The big advantage, however, is that users can have accumulated funds paid out directly in Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to their own wallet while surfing. Both cryptocurrencies are extremely widespread, so cashing out and exchanging them for euros shouldn’t be much of a problem here. 100,000 collected Fulldive coins correspond to about 10 euros, which is an amount you should be able to accumulate in three to four weeks with regular use. Extrapolated over the year, this adds up to more than 120 euros. This is a nice extra income, for which you don’t have to do any work.

Coins bring “interest”

Those who not only leave the collected cryptocurrency in their wallet, but also use it for staking or liquidity mining, for example, still benefit from a kind of compound interest effect. Certain providers, such as “Crypto.com” offer such a service when the coins or tokens are transferred to their wallets. This sounds complicated at first, but it is actually not. In principle, the wallets are nothing more than a kind of call money account, which is not filled with euros, but with cryptocurrencies. The interest rates are quite respectable: Over ten percent is not uncommon. Considering that traditional banks now even charge minus interest on savings, saving with cryptocurrencies can be quite worthwhile, even for smaller amounts.

Are crypto browsers worthwhile?

Weder mit Brave noch dem Fulldive-Browser wird man reich, schon gar nicht über Nacht. Im Endeffekt ist es aber möglich, ohne zusätzliche Arbeit einen kleinen dreistelligen Nebenverdienst im Jahr zu erwirtschaften. Es reicht lediglich, einen neuen Browser zu installieren. Brave stellte sich aktuell in unserem Test als Flop heraus. Solange das Krypto-Guthaben nicht umtauschbar ist, bleibt es im Prinzip nutzlos. Hier sollte Brave software möglichst zügig an einer Lösung für Nutzer in Deutschland arbeiten. Anders sieht es bei Fulldive aus, der Smartphone-Browser funktionierte in unserem Test auf Android einwandfrei und sowohl der Transfer von Bitcoin Cash an eine Wallet als auch der Umtausch in Euro funktionierte tadellos. Einzig mit der zusätzlichen Werbung muss man sich letztendlich arrangieren.


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