Federal highway app now available – what’s behind it?

Hundreds of thousands of drivers travel Germany’s autobahns every day. For them, Autobahn GmbH, which was founded by the federal government, has developed an app that is intended to be more than just a navigation aid. What else the new app promises, atechbook reveals.

Anyone who regularly travels on Germany’s autobahns is familiar with this: navigation devices or apps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps do help to find the way and sometimes also show traffic jams. However, they only provide an incomplete picture of planned roadworks or the actual volume of traffic on certain routes. This is precisely where the federal government’s Autobahn app, which is now available for Android and iOS, comes in.

The special features of the Autobahn app

In addition to current traffic jam and construction site reports, the Autobahn app also shows how high the actual traffic volume on a route currently is. Unlike Google, for example, the app not only uses GPS data from various cell phone users, but also offers an alternative method. Users are given access to the livestream of numerous webcams installed along the highway routes. This allows them to better assess the actual volume of traffic on a stretch of road based on the recordings. The Autobahn app also shows the nearest charging stations for electric vehicles on request. In this way, the federal government aims to further promote electromobility.

However, the app is not only intended for private individuals, but also for professional drivers. For example, they can see whether there is still a free parking space available at the next rest stop. This makes it easier to plan for the legally prescribed rest periods. Drivers also receive information in the highway app about whether the respective rest area is equipped with toilets and showers and whether there is a restaurant there.

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Federal government offers app free of charge

The Autobahn app is a further development of the “Meine Autobahn” application, which has already been available since 2019, and is now available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It can be downloaded free of charge.

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