Flight annoyance app offers help with airline stress

Plane gone or late, luggage landed somewhere else – the list of possible flight annoyances is long. An app from the consumer advice center is designed to help travelers. What can it do?

A lot can go wrong during a plane trip – if you’re unlucky. Then travelers quickly find themselves in a limbo of rebookings, hard-to-reach connecting flights and potential payment claims. The consumer center of North Rhine-Westphalia offers a practical helper for the smartphone in the form of the Flugärger app.

The program for Android and iOS quickly provides information on the legal situation, from simple air passenger rights to – this also happens sometimes – insolvency of the booked airline.

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Flight trouble app also helps in cases of self-inflicted damage

With a simple query of the problem, the app also helps determine possible payment claims. Whether it’s a delay, a flight cancellation or lost luggage – you simply tap the relevant details in the menu and get advice. Help is also available for those who miss a flight through their own fault. Here, too, it may be possible to claim back taxes and fees.

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At the end of the process, there is a ready-made letter to the airline with the right demands. The Flugärger app is free and runs on all current Android and iOS smartphones. According to the reviews in the app stores, the offer works pretty well.

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