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Former Apple employee reveals 3 secret iPhone tricks

Just when you think you already know your way around the iPhone, new insights come around the corner. A former employee revealed three tricks that the Apple smartphone still has up its sleeve.

Again and again, tricks become known that make the iPhone easier to use. Rarely, however, do they come from internal circles. But in the case of Sabrina Badin, they do. On the TikTok platform, the former Apple employee shares her iPhone tricks in short videos under the name “Genius Bar”. The videos are primarily about functions in Apple’s iOS operating system. If you think these are already known, you could be mistaken. Our three examples are likely to astonish many iPhone users. And not only that. They are also quite useful and make the smartphone easier to use.

Trick 1: Record videos with music

The first trick from the list surprised us the most. If you don’t feel like putting songs on top of videos after the fact, you finally have a solution to your problem. Normally, music playback, for example via Spotify, stops as soon as you swipe on “Video” in the iPhone camera app. However, there is a very simple way to keep it running.

To do this, open the iPhone’s camera app while the desired song is playing. But instead of swiping left to “Video”, simply hold down the shutter button in the “Photo” tab. The icon then changes and looks like the video recording. The same is already running and can be detected with a small swipe to the side. Otherwise, the recording ends as soon as you stop holding down.

Trick 2: Move files between apps

The next trick is an innovation that Apple introduced with iOS 15. Many have probably overlooked it. Especially users of Apple’s “Files” app might have been waiting for it for a long time. It is possible to simply drag and drop files from one app to another. In the short example video you can see how it works. Simply hold down the file, for example a photo. Then you can move the file freely. While holding down, you can switch to another app by swiping up with your other hand, or you can do this from the homescreen as well. The file remains stuck to your finger and can be dragged directly into a new email, for example.

Trick 3: Recognize songs quickly

Most people probably know the app “Shazam” for recognizing music. But if you want to do it really fast, it might take a few seconds too long to first select the app on the homescreen and then open it. Did you know that the Shazam music recognition app can also be added to the iPhone settings under “Control Center”? This way it can be started at any time via DeepL.


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