Galaxy Buds 2 – Great sound, but there is a catch!

Samsung’s engineers have poured a lot of audio know-how into colorful plastic. The new Galaxy Buds 2 impress with sound and comfort. But there is a catch.

Wow, violet purple – this color of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2 is a statement. Besides the Galaxy Buds Pro, there is now a new basic model with them. Slightly smaller and lighter in design, these wireless earbuds, priced at 149 Euros (MSRP), have almost the same feature set as the larger Pro Buds. But is that enough?

Good technology, looks are a matter of taste

The casing is white on the outside, and the inside is a dream of violet purple, graphite (i.e. dark gray), olive or glossy white; the customer can choose here. The earbuds have a shape somewhere between cardioid and drop, and apart from two microphone holes, the surface is seamless. All chic – if you like the colors.

They are not a good choice for iOS users at the moment – because Apple’s own Airpods or the recently introduced Beats Studio Pro simply get along much better with iOS. Google’s Pixel A Series also play with iPhones without a murmur. Perhaps Samsung will still improve this.