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Get order in chats with the WhatsApp star

WhatsApp allows you to mark messages with a star. This makes it easy to find important messages again without having to search for them in the app for a long time. atechbook explains how to use the function.

Everyone has certainly received a message via WhatsApp that contains important information such as an address, contact person, meeting place or phone number. In the confusion of the many chats and messages, however, it is often not so easy to find the corresponding text message again later. The result: you scroll through all your chats for what feels like an eternity, looking for the desired information. WhatsApp offers a quick and easy solution to this problem – the star.

Mark WhatsApp messages with a star

The star on WhatsApp is part of the basic features and can be found in the app for both Android devices and iOS. Below we explain how you can use the feature.

You can also watch our tips on WhatsApp star in the video below:

On iOS

1. you are chatting via WhatsApp with someone right now and you have a message that you don’t want to let out of your sight? Press and hold the message with one finger so that it is highlighted.

2. a bar pops up that offers the user various functions such as “Forward” or “Reply”. The star can also be seen on the far left of this bar. 3.

If you select this star, WhatsApp marks the corresponding message as a favorite and automatically saves it in the corresponding favorites folder.

On Android

On Android devices, the procedure is very similar:

1. open the chat in which you want to mark a particular message.

2. select the message by long-clicking on it with your finger.

3. at the very top of the display, WhatsApp now shows several options on a bar, including the star.

4. select the star and the message is marked.

View WhatsApp messages marked with stars

As mentioned earlier, WhatsApp saves the starred messages in a special folder. They can then be accessed more quickly via this folder.

Open folder in iOS

1. To get an overview of all marked messages, select Settings on the WhatsApp home screen. On the iPhone, the settings can be found at the bottom right of the bar. There you will find the sub-item Starred.

The menu of WhatsApp in the settings can be seen on a display.
In the settings, there is the menu item Starred.
Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

To see only the messages of a certain chat, click on the name in the top bar of this chat and select the entry Starred.

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Open folder in Android

1. to see all messages at a glance, click on the three dots at the top right of the screen on the WhatsApp home screen and select the entry Marked with star.

2. to see only the messages of a specific chat, click on the name in the top bar in that chat and select the Starred entry.


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