Google Chrome can now recognize music in movies

Thanks to an official browser extension, Google Chrome can now recognize songs in movies and videos that you are streaming.

There are already numerous apps that can recognize songs. The voice assistants from Google and Apple also have such a function. Now Google Chrome is also getting an extension that integrates music recognition directly into the browser. So if a song is currently playing in your favorite Netflix series, you can now immediately find out which one it is.

Shazam releases Chrome extension

The official extension comes from developer Shazam, which has years of experience with music recognition software. Although Apple bought the company in 2018, and integrated the software directly into iOS, the service still runs on other platforms. The browser extension eliminates the need to pull out your smartphone specifically. Also, the music recognition works when playing movies and videos through headphones.

You can download the Shazam extension directly from the Chrome Web Store. Click on Add to Chrome and then Add Extension. After that, a Shazam logo will appear in the extensions bar. Click on it and a small window will open. If music is now playing in the browser, you can start the recognition by clicking on the Shazam logo. The search result will also appear in the same window if Shazam finds what you are looking for.

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The extension can also be connected to an Apple Music account, so that the searched songs appear on the iPhone, for example. However, Shazam itself and Spotify are not available for registration. Under the menu item Shazams is the search history, where they can play found songs directly.