Google deletes millions of reviews from German PlayStore

Especially in the online sector, many providers rely on the ratings of their customers and users. This is also the case in the Google PlayStore. However, Google will soon clean up thoroughly here and introduce some changes in the app ratings that will probably not please everyone.

In the coming months, there will be two fundamental changes in the PlayStore. Firstly, Google will only display app reviews in the PlayStore that have been written by users from their own country. Secondly, the company will also restrict the selection to the same device class a bit later.

Only app ratings from your own country now

In the Play Store, too, ratings are often decisive for whether users decide for or against a certain app. The more such user comments there are, the better an app can ultimately be assessed. However, the selection of different app ratings that have been available in the PlayStore up to now will be enormously limited from November onwards. Then only comments from Android users who are in the same country will be displayed. The changed has both advantages and disadvantages.

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A positive aspect of the change is that users are now unlikely to find reviews written in a foreign language. Also, they can be sure that other users have used the corresponding app in the same country and thus with the same regional options and restrictions. Sometimes it is the case that apps in another country offer more or less scope, which can affect the app rating in the PlayStore. Also, there can sometimes be problems regionally, which also have an impact on the rating. All of these issues can be avoided by making the switch.

The aforementioned reduction of user ratings is negative again. Many Android users want to get as comprehensive a picture as possible and therefore also like to read reviews that come from other countries. There might also be a larger community of users who rate apps there because certain programs are simply more popular there.

Device-specific ratings coming in 2022

But Google will restrict the app ratings in the Play Store even more in the future. From the beginning of 2022, ratings will also only be displayed for apps that were written from the same device type. A rating for a tablet app will thus only be found if users open the Play Store from a tablet. If they do so from a smartphone, Google will not display the rating.

Google also wants to sharpen the specific reviews for or against an app with this change. After all, when tablet or smartwatch users search for a certain app via their device, they usually want to install it on it as well. They are unlikely to be interested in how the app runs on other device classes.


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