Google ensures more data transparency in its Play Store

More transparency regarding the data collection of the apps – that is what Google demands from the developers in its Play Store pool. The regulation is effective immediately, but so far on a voluntary basis.

Google users have had a new feature since April 26 when they want to download apps in the Play Store. It serves data transparency: developers can (and should) provide more information about the extent to which the app collects, shares and protects user data from now on. This is what the company writes in a press release .

More data transparency in the Google Play Store.

As soon as features in the app are updated or the approach to collecting data changes, developers should adjust the information in the Data Security section. But whether developers really do it? Google checks this “with the help of systems and processes that are constantly being improved,” according to the company. Problems are to be solved together with the developers and misrepresentations are to be corrected.

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The Google Play Store feature, which aims to increase data transparency, is still voluntary for developers, but it will be mandatory from July 20.

Google responds to user demands

With the introduction, the company says it is responding to reactions from users and app developers. These demanded more information and context on how data is processed.

Here’s what users should now be able to see:

  • Purpose of data collection
  • Disclosure to third parties
  • Protection of user data by app developers
  • Compliance with family-friendly content policies
  • Compliance with global standards of security measures.

This should allow users to understand more transparently, already in the Google Play Store, what data they have to disclose – and whether the app needs it at all.


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