Google kicks certain dating apps out of the PlayStore

Anyone who wants to publish apps in the Play Store has to adhere to Google’s guidelines. The company has now redefined what content is appropriate or inappropriate – with the result that some apps will disappear from the Play Store. This also affects so-called sugar dating apps.

When it comes to sexual relationships for money, Google has clear views. They no longer want to support something like that in the Play Store. Accordingly, the new guidelines that have now been established prohibit apps with such content from being marketed there. This especially affects the so-called sugar dating or sugar daddy apps, which Google therefore removes from the PlayStore.

The new guidelines, which go into effect Sept. 1, 2021, detail, “We do not allow apps that contain or promote sexual content or obscenity, including pornography, or content or services that seek sexual gratification.” That, Google said, includes apps that promote sexual entertainment or other services in exchange for money.

Sugar dating apps very popular in the Google Play Store

This is exactly where the sugar dating apps come in. They mediate relationships between mostly older men and younger women, where the latter often receive money or gifts as “compensation for their efforts”. In this respect, they differ from classic dating apps such as “Tinder” or “Badoo,” where members can merely get in touch with each other.

If you enter the term “Sugar Dating” in the Google Play Store search, a list of numerous apps appears. What is striking here are the very high download numbers in some cases. “My Sugardaddy”, for example, is advertised as an exclusive dating community for sugar daddies and sugar babes. It has been downloaded more than 500,000 times. The app “Seeking” is also at the forefront, with over one million downloads. According to its description, it is an app for millionaires, successful and, above all, attractive people.

F-Droid – a completely free alternative to the Play Store?

While the apps are still listed in the PlayStore, Google will kick out the sugar dating apps starting in September. App developers will then no longer be allowed to submit apps of this type to the company. They will then only have other marketing channels left, such as the alternative AppStores, of which there are several for Android – unlike for Apple iOS.