Google restricts popular service for all iPhones

You like to use Google Assistant via headphones and iPhone? That is now an end. Because the option is no longer available.

Headphones with Google’s Assistant on board only work on iPhones and iPads to a limited extent as of now. Google has withdrawn support for its voice assistant from headphones on Apple devices. That’s according to a support document from the company.

Google Assistant already no longer available

The change has been effective since December 7. Google’s announcement dates back to August 21, stating that specifically, for example, there will no longer be Assistant audio announcements about notifications coming in on the iPhone. And basically, you can no longer issue commands to Google Assistant when the Assistant button or a corresponding sensor surface on the headset is pressed or touched.

What users can do now

Google points out that other functions that do not require the Assistant are still available via the headphones. Of course, this also includes the use of Apple’s voice assistant Siri. The switch to Apple’s assistant should only be noticeable in the salutation. Otherwise, the feature set is similar for both voice assistants.

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However, if you absolutely want to continue using Google Assistant on your headphones, the only option is to switch to an Android smartphone. The company does not provide an explanation as to why support is being discontinued.

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