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Here’s what you should watch out for when you take your smartphone with you on vacation

If your cell phone doesn’t work on vacation, relaxation can quickly turn into stress. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, atechbook explains how best to prepare your smartphone for long trips and what else you should have with you.

Despite the time off from everyday life, our number one companion usually flies or drives along on vacation: the smartphone. Translator, navigation, communication – the cell phone is important for many things even during the vacations. But if this reliable companion doesn’t work as it should or even gives up the ghost, stress is inevitable. To ensure that your smartphone brings you joy instead of trouble while abroad, you should think of a few things in advance and pack the right utensils.

Important vacation companion: The powerbank

Especially when you’re on vacation, you’ll probably look at your cell phone more often to navigate a route, find out information about the destination or take photos. So that you never run out of juice, you should take precautions and have a mobile battery or a powerbank with you in any case. If you run out of juice, you can easily recharge it. It is best to make sure that the powerbank is not too big to fit in any pocket. In addition, of course, the powerbank must also be charged regularly. Most powerbanks have a battery indicator, which you can use to check the energy level.

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The right adapter

So that you can charge your phone at any time, you should find out before your trip whether you need an adapter for the sockets of the country you are traveling to. For a few euros, you can already purchase these at almost any electronics store or online retailer. For frequent flyers, it’s even worth getting a travel adapter that’s suitable for multiple countries.

Multiple charging cables

For your trip, you should take several charging cables at once, so you can never forget them. Ideally, you have one in your bag for the road and another in your accommodation. So you travel much more relaxed and have your head free for other things.

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SIM card for abroad

Especially travelers who are abroad for a longer period of time should get a SIM card for the respective country. Although the rule has been in effect since last year that vacationers do not have to pay any fees in the EU, this does not apply to countries outside the EU. There, you sometimes pay significantly less for messages and calls with a country SIM than with your German provider. And even within the EU, there have been repeated cases in the past where some providers tried to circumvent the regulation.

Don’t forget: For this, also take the SIM card opener of your smartphone or, as a substitute, a paper clip to be able to exchange the SIM card.

Download apps beforehand

To avoid any nasty surprises on vacation, install important apps and download suitable maps before your trip. This will help you find your way around distant countries even when you’re offline. Translators like Google Translate are equally useful. The advance downloads save your data volume and battery.

The same also applies to series and the like. It’s best to download the relevant episodes or movies in advance for when you’re on the road. You never know where the next WLAN is waiting.

Last but not least: Create a backup copy

Before you go on vacation, you should back up your data such as important contacts on your smartphone, preferably in a cloud so that you can access them from other devices. If your smartphone is lost or stolen, at least your data is backed up and you have the most important phone numbers at hand. If you want to be prepared for theft, you should also write down the device number of the smartphone and the service number of the provider.

If you follow all these tips before your vacation and pack the right helpers for your smartphone in your suitcase, nothing can go wrong – at least not with your cell phone.


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