Hidden Apple app discovered on iPhone

Apple’s iOS is full of little feature that sometimes are not easy to find at all. It even turned out that a complete app is hidden on the iPhone.

Normally, all iPhone apps that are pre-installed ex-factory are located on the home screen. This gives users an overview of everything Apple wants to offer its clientele – almost everything. This is because an app is hidden on the iPhone and can only be found via a detour.

Hidden iPhone app discovered only recently

The interesting thing about the app is that it is the only case we know of where a pre-installed app cannot be found either on the Home Screen or in the iPhone’s App Library. It is also unclear why the app exists at all. After all, it is a QR code scanner. This feature is already built into the camera app on the iPhone and is even available as an option in the Control Center. The hidden iPhone app was discovered by “Gadget Hacks” in iOS 14.

How to find the app

The app is simply called “Codescanner” and can only be found by going through iOS search.

  1. Open the search box by swiping down on the home screen.
  2. Enter “code scanner” in the search field and click on the result.
  3. Now you can scan QR codes and still turn on the rear LED for support.

In addition, here you can still find the instructions in the video:

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What is the advantage of the hidden code scanner app on iPhone?

Normally, the QR code scanner in the iPhone camera opens a new window in Safari to display the link. The code scanner app, on the other hand, opens its own in-app browser, which deletes the search result after closing the app.

Still, the question remains why Apple preinstalls a separate app on the iPhone just for this function – and then hides it as well. After all, DeepL access via the control center performs the exact same function.


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