Hidden iOS 15 feature gives you relaxation

iOS has a lot of hidden functionality. Among other things, the iPhone can now help you relax even better without an additional app.

With iOS 15, the iPhone got a focus mode. So that no distracting messages come in during working hours and you are not disturbed by work emails and meeting reminders in your free time. However, Apple introduced another iOS feature at this year’s WWDC developer conference to help with switching off. The company has integrated background sounds directly into iOS 15. These sounds, including rain, ocean and white noise, are designed to help focus, calm and relax.

Since the sounds can be found directly in iOS 15, there is no need for extra apps from the App Store. Moreover, they can also be played together with music. For example, you can listen to music on Spotify and turn on relaxing background sounds at the same time. Something that is not possible with the Spotify app alone.

Enable background sounds in iOS 15

1. Open the settings and navigate to the item Operating aids.

Settings background sounds in iOS
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Select the Audio/Visual option. 3.

Settings background sounds in iOS
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3. click on the Background Sounds entry.

Settings background sounds in iOS
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In the menu, you can now choose from six different background sounds under the Sound item. The choices are Balanced Noise, Bright Noise, Dark Noise, Ocean, Rain and River.

You can also set the volume of the sounds with the slider and choose whether they should remain active when other media – some music or video – is playing. For this purpose, there is an option to adjust the volume of the background sounds in iOS to the media. So the sounds can be either quieter or louder relative to the music. You can play an example to adjust the ratio to your preferences.

Another setting gives the option to stop background noise when the iPhone is locked.

Once you have set the preferences, you can flip the slider at Background Sounds to start playing.

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Quickly access background sounds in iOS 15.

The option to turn on background sounds in iOS 15 is hidden behind several menu options, to be sure. But there are other ways to start playback directly.

In the Control Center.

Go to the Control Center item in the Settings. Scroll to the Listen option and press the plus sign if it is not already in the active controls. You can now press the Listen button (ear icon) in the Control Center and click the Background Sounds option. This will start the playback. If you press Background Sounds again, you can select a different sound. To stop playback, click the blue button (ear icon). 2.

About the iPhone back

The back of the iPhone is a hidden touch surface that can be assigned various DeepL accesses. In Settings, go to Accessibility and select the Tap option. At the very bottom there is the item Tap on back. Now you can either double-tap or triple-tap on the Accessibility entry to set the DeepL access to background noise. If you now double or triple tap on the iPhone back, depending on the setting, you can use it to start and stop the playback of the sounds.


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