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How much does call forwarding to a cell phone cost and how do I set it up?

With the help of call forwarding on your cell phone, your incoming calls land on another terminal. This works on another smartphone, landline phone or your own mailbox. atechbook explains how this works and what costs you may incur.

Call forwarding (also called call forwarding) on your cell phone can be useful in many cases. If you are not available, calls are forwarded directly to your mailbox, for example. Also, if you have a work cell phone and don’t want to lug around two devices, simply forward calls to your personal cell phone. Aren’t you allowed to take calls on your smartphone at work? Why not forward incoming calls to your landline phone in the office? If your battery is low, it’s also a good idea to simply forward calls to the smartphone of a friend you’re traveling with. Forwarding works even when your cell phone is switched off.

How do I set up call forwarding?

Call forwarding does not have to be set up by phone with the mobile phone provider. This can now be done easily and conveniently from your own smartphone.


Call forwarding on iOS can be found under Settings > Phone > Call forwarding.

Call forwarding iOS


On Android, you will not find the call forwarding under the settings, but in the phone app . There you go to the three dots on the top right , then to Settings > Call settings > Call forwarding .

Call forwarding by shortcut

Regardless of the operating system, you can also set up call forwarding via shortcut keys.

To do this, enter **21*phone number# on the device from which the calls are to be diverted and then select Call to divert all calls. By the way, it works the same way if you want call forwarding only in certain cases:

  • **62*call number#: call forwarding when you are not available.
  • **67*call number#: call forwarding if you are busy at the moment

What does call forwarding cost?

Depending on the provider and where the call is forwarded to, the cost of call forwarding varies.

Call forwarding from smartphone to smartphone/fixed network

Basically, call forwarding incurs the cost of a call. That is, when they forward from your smartphone, you pay the per-minute rate for incoming calls that would normally be charged for outgoing calls.

Telekom Call Forwarding
Telekom illustrates how this works on this graphic. There are no costs for contract customers. Photo: Telekom

However, Telekom does not charge these fees for the service in its “MagentaMobil” contracts with telephone flat rates. After all, outgoing calls cost nothing here. The same applies to other major mobile providers such as O2 and Vodafone. The situation is different for some prepaid providers, where you should check individually whether costs are incurred.

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Call forwarding from smartphone to mailbox

Unlike call forwarding to other smartphones or landline phones, forwarding to your own mailbox is usually free of charge. Not only with the major providers, but also with WinSim, for example, this type of forwarding is completely free. A general setup of this forwarding in case of non-reachability makes sense if necessary.