How much tax do you save with which party?

With Steuer-O-Mat, it’s all about the money in your pocket. The online program provides in seconds what would change for you according to the tax program of the parties.

The well-known Wahl-O-Mat is all about finding the right party based on the complete election program. The Tax-O-Mat works quite differently. The free online service from the “Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft” and “smart steuer” focuses entirely on the tax aspects of the election programs of the CDU/CSU, SPD, FDP, Die Linke, B’90 Die GrĂ¼nen and AFD. Based on concrete statements of the programs, the program derives the respective net savings per year for your gross salary. Of course, it also happens that for certain salaries the tax burden can also increase for individual parties. atechbook shows how the Tax-O-Mat works and whether it is a good alternative to Wahl-O-Mat and Co.

Tax-O-Mat delivers a result in seconds

In the Tax-O-Mat, users enter only three things and get their results immediately:

  1. Your own gross annual salary
  2. If married
  3. If married, then the gross annual salary of the partner
  4. How many children you have

On the basis of this information, the party is then displayed with which one would get the greatest tax advantage according to its election program. A green value with a “+” means that you have this amount more in your pocket per year. In the next step, you can look at the results of the other parties. Red values with a “-” in front of them consequently mean that one has this amount less in one’s pocket in the year.

For a single and childless citizen with a gross annual salary of 65,000 euros, for example, the result is as follows:

For a married couple with a total annual income of 65,000 euros (35,000 and 30,000) and two children, the result looks like this.

An unmarried person with a gross annual income of 30,000 euros and one child:

Unmarried, childless top earners with an annual salary of 120,000 euros, for example, may have to accept some reductions:

If you want to find out exactly how the values were arrived at, click on “To the party page.” There you will find the specific statements from the election programs as well as additional information on areas such as capital gains tax or inheritance tax.

Click here for the Tax-O-Mat

FDP and Left Party with largest swings, no values on AFD.

When juggling different incomes and family situations, either the FDP or Die Linke came out on top in our samples. In the end, the FDP relieves almost all incomes, but the high ones to a much greater extent. The Left Party also relieves high earners up to a certain point. At some point, however, very high salaries are subject to a higher tax burden. The mainstream parties and the Greens pursue a more moderate tax policy. There are no such extreme swings here, either upwards or downwards. The Tax-O-Mat does not spit out any information on the AFD, since the party “has not provided any specific information on income tax”.

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Good alternative to Wahl-O-Mat?

Tax policy is only one aspect of the election program. In contrast to the Wahl-O-Mat, the Steuer-O-Mat leaves out all other important aspects. Environmental policy, social policy and other core issues are not taken into account. These are however crucial for an election. atechbook advises therefore, as soon as the Wahl-O-Mat for the Bundestag election is released (2 September) to consult this likewise and in no case to be led only by the purse. In addition, the Tax-O-Mat is limited to income tax. How much one ultimately saves, however, can also depend on other factors such as capital gains tax, inheritance tax and financial transaction tax.