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How to delete social media sins from the past

Not every post and not every photo from your personal social media career over the past few years has to be a gem. But it’s better to find and delete downright embarrassing public posts.

Many people share their lives on the Internet. They post photos of their food, their travels, their children and hobbies without giving them much thought. In addition, they often post comments on current life situations, political circumstances or other situations. If you look back at these posts years later, it’s not uncommon to find one or two embarrassing pictures or statements that no longer fit your current self. It’s better to clean out your social media presence and delete inappropriate posts. atechbook shows how this can best be done.


The activity log records almost every user action in chronological order and allows individual changes to be made: likes can be removed, posts deleted and chronicle entries revised. According to the experts, however, cleaning up your presence on the largest social media network and deleting inappropriate posts takes time – a lot of time, if you use Facebook every day.

There are hardly any tools for Facebook that could be used for cleaning up. One exception, however, is the Social Book Post Manager extension for the Chrome browser. It offers the advantage of editing many posts in the activity log in one go.


Photos, photos, photos – that’s what Instagram is all about. But in the stories, upon closer inspection, you are sure to find pictures that you regret or at least no longer like to see. One recommendation to remove them is Cleaner for Instagram. The app is available for Android.

Google & YouTube

The search engine is, of course, not a social network. But even and especially there, a lot of information about oneself may appear – desired as well as unwanted, old as well as new. In order to always be in the picture about what the Google search finds about one’s own person, it is therefore worthwhile to set up the Google Alerts permanent search.

The service automatically informs you by e-mail about new hits. You should set up an alert not only for your own name, but also for user names or nicknames that you use in various services and networks. If you’re afraid you’ve overshot the mark with YouTube comments, you can view their history and delete specific posts on the social media network.


Embarrassing twittering from the past can also be banished using Twitter’s on-board tools. The advanced search function, for example, allows users to search for keywords in older posts. However, according to the experts, tools from external providers can help clean up the mess more quickly and conveniently. Tweetdeleter, for example, provides a good overview of tweets. The list that the service spits out can be filtered according to various criteria, and tweets can be deleted directly.

The Tweetdelete web service, on the other hand, can automatically ban tweets that are older than the user has specified – either once or on a regular basis. In this way, the social media network can be kept clean without having to manually delete posts over and over again. The Tokimeki Unfollow tool, on the other hand, helps with “unfollowing”. It displays the most recent tweets from accounts one after the other, and each time offers the option to no longer follow the respective profile.


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