How to enable emergency mode on Android smartphone

A simple key combination is enough to save someone’s life in an emergency. Users can easily set this function on their Android phone.

In dangerous situations, every second can count. That’s why Android smartphones offer the option of dialing the familiar emergency numbers, such as 110 or 112, faster than using the classic dialing function, namely with the help of the emergency mode. This allows you to call for help in a dicey situation without a complicated search.

Activate emergency mode on Android: Instructions

Android smartphones from version 5.0 have the emergency mode. It can be activated when the user presses the main button three times in a row (five times on some devices). The smartphone takes a picture with the phone’s front and back camera and then sends the message “Need help” as well as the current location on Google Maps to previously determined contacts.

The emergency mode can be set up as follows:

  1. Open “Settings” of the cell phone
  2. Under the menu item “System”, select the sub-item “Emergency Assistant”.
  3. Under “Send help message” set the switch to “On
  • If you select the option “Attach pictures”, you activate the front and rear camera, which take a picture when an emergency is triggered by the user.
  • The option “Attach audio recording” can also be added, which additionally sends a short audio recording when an emergency call is made.
  • Up to four contacts can be defined for an emergency and saved under “important contacts”.
  • If the smartphone user now taps the power button three times in succession, the previously determined emergency contacts receive a message.

Be careful: This useful function has its pitfalls, because help messages can quickly be sent by mistake.

Deactivating emergency mode on Android

  1. Open “Settings” of the cell phone
  2. Call up the “Emergency assistant” under the “System” menu item.
  3. Under “Send help message”, set the switch to “Off”.

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On a Samsung smartphone

On a Samsung phone, you can activate the feature by tapping the power button for a long time and finally selecting the emergency mode and activating it. Now the activation process is set in motion. The number of usable apps as well as functions is limited. Functions like WLAN or Bluetooth are disabled, among others. This reduces the overall energy consumption, which increases the battery life. This in turn increases the time it takes to be found via GPS in emergency situations, for example. Further settings can still be adjusted within the menu.

Apps for emergencies

In Google’s Play Store, there are a number of apps that are designed to call for help quickly and easily in an emergency. This can even be customized to the corresponding needs of the respective person. Especially for Android smartphones that do not have an emergency mode in their settings, this is a good alternative. With some apps, an emergency call is possible with one click. The following apps offer this option:

  • EchoSOS: The app can recognize which country the user is in and displays the correct emergency numbers. At the touch of a button, the smartphone user can dial the necessary phone number. The application also transmits the user’s location to the emergency service.
  • SOS Emergency: Users can use an emergency button to call for help with this app. The smartphone sends a message and dials the number of a previously determined contact person as well as that of the emergency call.

Important information, for example, for first responders is provided by the appErste Hilfe DRKdes Deutschen Roten Kreuzes (German Red Cross). This app for Android provides interactive guidance in an emergency situation. Other apps offer the option of storing the user’s medical information, such as the AppNotfall-ID. The app was developed by a team of doctors and firefighters who repeatedly noticed in the field that a patient’s emergency data, such as information on previous illnesses or medications, was missing.