Improve iPhone battery life with a simple trick

iPhones have supported the 5G mobile standard since the 12 series. However, the function has an impact on battery life – but that can be turned off.

There are many reasons why you don’t always need 5G. In some places, the standard is not even available yet. Or the old mobile contract, or plan, doesn’t have a 5G option. In Germany specifically, 5G isn’t even much faster than 4G in many places because it runs over the same towers. In such cases, atechbook.comn recommends 5G trick to extend the battery life of the iPhone.

Turn off 5G on the iPhone

Der 5G trick on the iPhone ist denkbar einfach. iPhone 12 und iPhone 13 k├Ânnen je nach Netzverf├╝gbarkeit automatisch zwischen 4G und 5G hin- und herwechseln. Der Zugriff auf 5G kostet das iPhone aber mehr Batteriereserven. Deswegen kann es helfen, die Funktion abzuschalten.

1. open iPhone settings.

2. tap on the mobile radio menu item.

5G trick on the iPhone
Photo: atechbook

3. next, go to data options.

5G trick on the iPhone
Photo: atechbook

Here you now have two options to increase the battery life:

  1. Under Voice & Data, you can check the box for 4G or LTE – this will allow the iPhone to use the least amount of battery for mobile data. 5G, on the other hand, consumes the most battery and can shorten battery life, according to Apple.
  2. Under Data Mode, you have the option to enable Data Saver Mode. This stops the iPhone from performing automatic updates and background actions on the mobile network. This means that apps no longer load data in the background – such as backups in the Photos app or WhatsApp.

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These are the settings atechbook recommends

By default, the 5G automatic option and data mode are set to standard. This selection sacrifices a bit of battery life in favor of 5G and background activities. Those who can do without 5G for the reasons mentioned above should therefore switch to 4G/LTE to get even more runtime. The data-saving mode, on the other hand, should only be turned on in an emergency because it restricts app functionality considerably.