Ingenious trick turns a small battery into a big battery

The new electrical appliance or toy works batteries? Bad, if you just do not have a suitable AA battery at hand. There is a solution: some aluminum foil and the smaller AAA battery will do the job too – at least temporarily.

Insert the AAA battery into the battery compartment. The hack works best if the positive terminal of the battery (the side with the protruding bulge) is pushed in all the way so that only the negative terminal is not connected.

Step 2: Fold aluminum foil small

Photo: atechbook

Fold up the aluminum foil and use it as an electrical conductor to bridge the gap between the contact and the battery.

Also interesting: With this trick, you can find out whether the battery is full or empty.

Step 3: Finished

Photo: atechbook Photo: atechbook

Of course, the smaller AAA battery does not provide as much energy as its big brother. Therefore, you should buy the right batteries in time. But as a temporary solution, this trick is always enough. Have fun with it!