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Insider about iOS 16: “Pretty significant upgrade”.

Apple is currently working on a major update for the iPhone and iPad. iOS 16 is to be shown for the first time at WWDC 2022, which will take place at the beginning of June. However, the first innovations that the update is supposed to bring are already known.

Apple likes to use its big developer conference WWDC to announce news regarding its software. This year, it will take place on June 6. Besides iOS 16, watchOS 9, macOS 13 and tvOS 16 are also in the focus. But especially for the iPhone operating system, first details are already known. atechbook reveals what users can look forward to.

iOS 16 – this is new

The latest information about iOS 16 comes from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman, who has often drawn attention to himself in the past with precise Apple predictions. In his newsletter “Power on”, he regularly gives outlooks on the upcoming iPhone update. According to him, Apple is not planning the major visual redesign that some had hoped for for iOS 16 – codenamed Sidney – but some new functions and optimizations. Gurman himself talks about “pretty significant improvements across the board, including a notifications update and new health tracking features.” He doesn’t provide details on that, however. Overall, Gurman says iOS should be a pretty significant upgrade.

iOS 16 apparently brings new lock screen and always on

Some of the big new features in iOS 16 are expected to affect the lock screen, according to Gurman. Apparently, Apple is planning fundamental changes here that should make it even easier and more convenient to use. According to Gurman, this also includes wallpapers that have widget-like functions. Thus, they could enable access to certain services and information even via the locked iPhone.

However, the focus is particularly on the always-on mode, which is finally supposed to come to the iPhone with iOS 16. It has been talked about for quite some time, and was originally even expected in the iPhone 13, but the function failed to materialize – until now. Now Always on is supposed to be rolled out on the upcoming iPhone generation for the first time, but initially exclusively on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. Always on is a function that is only available on OLED displays. Important information such as the time, date or appointments as well as incoming messages are displayed in white letters on the otherwise dark display. The energy requirement for this type of is very low. Android users have known Always on for years, for example from Samsung smartphones.

Will iOS 16 get a new interface?

The iOS interface has hardly changed in the past few years. The last big innovation was the widgets on the home screen introduced in iOS 14. Many iPhone users are therefore hoping for another upgrade, which should bring a breath of fresh air into the software. But according to Gurman, this is not the case with iOS 16. Only iPadOS 16 could offer a further improved interface in terms of multitasking.

A different opinion is held by the leaker LeaksApplePro, who posted a view of the new interactive widgets on Twitter, which are supposed to find their way onto the iPhone with the new firmware.

So far, the widgets on the iPhone only display information and open the corresponding app as soon as you tap on it. This could change with the interactive widgets, which would then allow controlling the volume and skipping songs directly in the music widget, for example. Likewise, a clock or stopwatch could be set directly via the widget.

Hints of Apple glasses

The AR/VR headset has been discussed on the web for weeks. This is supposed to be a type of glasses that can be used to display augmented and virtual reality content. According to Gurman, the beta versions of iOS 16 are full to the brim with references to the headset and its interactions with the iPhone. Still, he doesn’t expect Apple to show the headset as early as WWDC 2022.

Rather, the hints in the new software are said to indicate that the headset will be launched during the iOS 16 cycle. So sometime from the start of the iOS 16 beta in June 2022 until the release of iOS 17 in the fall of 2023.

Which iPhones will get iOS 16?

The first beta of iOS 16 will probably be available from June 6. However, the firmware will only become official in the fall, when Apple presents it together with the iPhone 14 in September. The iPhone 14 already has iOS 16 installed ex-factory, all other smartphones will get the new firmware via update. But which models are affected?

As a rule, Apple still delivers its new firmware to older iPhone models. However, according to the French website iPhonesoft, iOS 16 will only run on models that are at least powered by Apple’s A10 chip. That would be the iPhone 7 or newer. Models like the iPhone 6s or the first iPhone SE from 2016, which are equipped with the A9, would thus no longer be compatible with iOS 16.


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