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Instagram Story pixelated? These tips can help

If you regularly post a story on Instagram, you’re probably familiar with this problem. When you look at the story in your profile, it looks slightly blurry or pixelated. These tips can help.

Instagram is one of the world’s most popular social media platforms and is used extensively, especially on smartphones. However, a known problem is that Instagram stories often look blurry when posted from an Android smartphone. Is it due to the network, hardware, app, certain settings, or even Android itself? We took a look at potential sources of error and offer tips for a quick fix.

Screen capture reduces quality

The range of available smartphones with Android operating system is much larger than those from Apple. All devices have different hardware and screen sizes. Therefore, it is problematic for Instagram to adapt its own app to almost all smartphones. The Facebook subsidiary therefore uses a “trick”: It does not use a “live photo” taken with the smartphone camera as the file source, but simply takes a screen capture.

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It is understandable that a loss of quality is to be expected during further processing. For Instagram users, this problem will probably remain an unsolvable dilemma in the long run, because the availability of Android devices with a wide variety of hardware specs will remain high in the future.

Mobile data connection and image source

Mobile data rates are still comparatively expensive in Germany. That is why many users limit mobile data consumption, which then becomes especially noticeable when loading photos and videos. Uploads of pictures consume the most mobile data volume alongside streaming and downloads. So anyone who frequently posts Instagram stories with high resolution while on the move should remove the limit in the settings of their smartphone and, if necessary, switch to a new rate plan with higher or even unlimited data volume. Corresponding rates are currently available from around 30 euros per month. However, these costs can be avoided by switching to WLAN. Those who often post Instagram stories on vacation, for example, will find free hotspots, especially in heavily frequented locations.

The quality of the source material also plays an important role. In addition to the data connection, the camera or its app are therefore a frequent reason for blurry photos. Several errors can even creep in here at once. Very often, for example, the image size is set too small, which in turn can become noticeable on Instagram through a blurry photo after scaling. In addition, the quality might fluctuate if you use poorly adapted third-party camera apps, among other things.

There are various options for optimizing the quality of camera photos on both Android and iOS. It makes sense to choose the best possible setting and to always use the original camera app of the smartphone manufacturer, since it is optimally adapted to its hardware.

Update Instagram and edit photos manually

The Instagram app itself is also a common source of errors. You should always check whether the latest version is already installed. If this is not automatically displayed in the Google Play Store, you can also search for new revisions manually. The error could also be caused by an existing bug, which Instagram has fixed via an update. Sometimes it is also necessary to reset the app and delete the app memory. To do this, go to the Apps section under Settings and select Instagram.

It is also possible that the initial quality of the photo in the file folder is already poor, in which case the only option is to manually edit the picture. There are several options here. On the one hand, various image editing apps can be found in the Google Play Store. Google even offers a free app, Snapseeds. Its functions should be completely sufficient for most users, which is why we can recommend it without restrictions.

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However, you can also use professional image editing programs for notebooks and PCs. There are many different applications here, which are also suitable for professional use. However, the following applies here: If you only post on your Instagram account now and then for private purposes, you can save yourself such costs.

Consider limits on Instagram

In order for users to save data volume and money, as already mentioned at the beginning, Instagram itself also relies on compressing photos or videos if necessary. In this case, the best smartphone camera is of little use if Instagram does not process correspondingly high resolutions at all. Ultimately, you have no influence on this, which is why only the aforementioned “readjustment” with an image editing software can help here. In this way, it is possible to “sharpen” the image despite the specified size.

However, one should keep in mind that quality losses are generally unavoidable in this case. In the case of a post-processed image with a lower resolution, you can definitely see that it is no longer an original. However, the highest resolution specified by Instagram should also be sufficient for most applications and not lead to blurry photos.


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