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Instagram tests feature that significantly limits Stories

At the moment, Instagram is testing a new feature that primarily affects Stories – and significantly reduces the possible number. What this means for Instagram Stories and users.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Over two billion monthly active users like what they can on the image-oriented service. Regular updates for the application are nothing unusual in and of themselves. However, a new Instagram function is now making people sit up and take notice: Instagram Stories are to be significantly trimmed in the future. What is behind this?

Instagram Stories limited in the future?

The Stories function is much used and popular on Instagram. Users who are particularly active on the platform share their everyday life mostly in a Story, which deletes after 24 hours, and not within their regular posts. Currently, however, Instagram is apparently testing a new layout that could hide a large portion of Story posts.

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Currently, it’s possible to have up to 100 Instagram Stories active on your profile at once. Followers, if they haven’t seen them yet, are then alerted to them by a purple ring around the profile picture. In order to prevent a flood of stories in the future, however, the service apparently only wants to actively display three stories on the profile in the future.

Who the change affects

Even if more than three Instagram Stories can still be posted – especially for influencers or other high-profile profiles, the innovation could mean an enormous change. Users who want to see more than three Stories in the future will have to actively open the content via a “See more” button in the Story. Many users, who also normally go through Stories simply by tapping on the right edge of the screen, probably won’t do that.

On the user side, however, the feature could also bring a positive development. The story content could be more valuable and more selected in the future. Anyone who only looks at all Instagram Stories of the followed profiles for the sake of completeness anyway should hardly notice any change.

When will the change to Instagram Stories come?

At the moment, the feature is still in the test phase; only a few users are reporting it. So it is still unclear when exactly the update will be rolled out. However, there are usually only a few weeks between a test and the rollout on Instagram. Especially on the content creator side, the outcry is quite big, as it means an enormous change for many. atechbook will keep you up to date on all developments in this regard.


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